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Article posted 01 Jul 02 18:34

This guide tries to explain how to create a copy protection with two kinds of software combined: CCD-Lock + TZ. By creating several images using different tools we try to create an almost uncopyable CD. Read on and learn how !

The guide has been made by techno (thanks!) and contains some images with the spanish language on this. CD Freaks and techno are not responsible for coasters, or other problems who may occur. The protection has been tested with several burning packages and seems to be very hard to copy. If you have questions mail the author and NOT CD

System Configuration:

OS: Windows XP Home Edition 2600 English
Extras: Service Pack 1 beta 3 for XP systems
Mother board: Intel 815eea2
CPU: Intel Celeron 1.2 Ghz
RAM: 512 Mb
HardDrives: 2 Ide Samsung 80 GB
CD-RW: Lite-On 24102B (5s5a) “Lite-On Rulez!!!”
CD-Rom DVD: Lite-On LTD163D “DVD-Rom”

Software: (newer versions should also work)

  • CloneCD
  • CCD-Lock 1.7.2 *RC1a
  • Tzcopy Protection 1.0 Beta11
  • Winiso 5.3
  • Deamon Tools
  • CDRWin 3.9a
  • Clony XXL

    Creating and mounting of the first image

    Create with the help of WinIso an image of the data that should be protected.

    When you are done, save the ISO image to any location on your Harddrive. Fire up Deamon Tools and mount the image you just have created.

    Creating the second image:

    To create the second image you will need to fire up CDRWin and extract a(n) (second) image from the Virtual CD-ROM image you mounted before. Make sure you save this image to another folder then the first image, so you won’t take the wrong image.

    The CDRWin extraction does not need any special parameters.

    Keep the cuesheet, we will need it later !

    When you are done with the CDRWin extraction we are going to use TzCopy to put the first step of the protection on a disc. While using this software, use step 3 to change the size to 800 MB.

    Now fire up CDRWin again and burn this image on a CD-RW disc. It’s a lot of work but the result will be worth it !

    Creating the final image:

    Now we are going to use CloneCD to extract the image from the CD-RW, we need to use CloneCD because CCD-Lock only recognizes CloneCD images.
    Use the DataCD profile to extract the image from the CD-RW.

    Now we are going to use CCD-Lock to protect the image we just extracted with CloneCD. Open CCD-Lock and load the .ccd image you just extracted.
    The only thing you will have to do is to hit the protect button and make sure you pick the option: ‘Preserve the TOC’.

    Burn the image with CloneCD and that’s all! You should now have a very well protected CD-R, that at least will stop your newbie/not CD Freaks reading friends from copying your disk.

    Credits by techno:

    For first step, have to to every people in Guatemala to support me, thanks to HackersGt, and thanks to CD-Freaks for all the good information that you give me via your, GooD site Guys!

    i want to dedicate all my work to my brother Jorge Luis, he died in 08/01/2000

    Thanks to teach me everything!
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