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CD Freaks takes a look at Philips DVDR16LSK/00 LightScribe


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Article posted 27 Feb 05 00:28

Contents of the retail package


First off, we thank the Philips company for generously providing Jan S., one of our reviewers with this LightScribe drive! We here at CD Freaks, like a lot of people out there, are most interested in this new, convenient way to label our discs. We want to test out a few things that we have been reading about and finally we have our chance. The purpose of this article is to just give you all some more information on the LightScribe process and not concern ourselves at this time with the other capabilities of this 16x +/- 2.4x DL drive. So first off, let’s take a look at what came in the retail package Jan received:

From the shot we can see pictured a Philips DVDR16LS drive, 3 Philips LightScribe discs, Nero suite v6.6 LightScribe Edition, How to Manual, 4 mounting screws and Nero DVD-VIDEO Plug-in 20% Rebate Card/code.

Here’s a few closeups of the key contents, starting with the front of the drive:

Front and back of the disc jewel case:

And here is a shot of the OEM Nero software disc:

On the next page, we will look at the drive in action and try our hand at LightScribe labeling. We will of course even try how to NOT use LightScribe to see what the heck happens. You know you want to know!

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