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CD Freaks takes a look at Philips DVDR16LSK/00 LightScribe

Posted 27 February 2005 00:28 CET by Crabbyappleton


First off, we thank the Philips company for generously providing Jan S., one of our reviewers with this LightScribe drive! We here at CD Freaks, like a lot of people out there, are most interested in this new, convenient way to label our discs. We want to test out a few things that we have been reading about and finally we have our chance. The purpose of this article is to just give you all some more information on the LightScribe process and not concern ourselves at this time with the other capabilities of this 16x +/- 2.4x DL drive. So first off, let's take a look at what came in the retail package Jan received:

From the shot we can see pictured a Philips DVDR16LS drive, 3 Philips LightScribe discs, Nero suite v6.6 LightScribe Edition, How to Manual, 4 mounting screws and Nero DVD-VIDEO Plug-in 20% Rebate Card/code.

Here's a few closeups of the key contents, starting with the front of the drive:

Front and back of the disc jewel case:

And here is a shot of the OEM Nero software disc:

On the next page, we will look at the drive in action and try our hand at LightScribe labeling. We will of course even try how to NOT use LightScribe to see what the heck happens. You know you want to know!

CD Freaks Member
Posted on: 27 Feb 05 00:13
I'm impressed at the capabilities of this drive. It's a pitty that it can't do colour at the moment, but it will come, hopefully soon! as soon as it does I will be purchasing one :B
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MyCE Resident
Posted on: 27 Feb 05 01:07
What I really want to know is if the lightscribe labels will smudge if splashed with water. Has anyone tried this yet? If they don't smudge, than this is a big advantage over inkjet printable discs.
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MyCE Resident
Posted on: 27 Feb 05 04:50
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Mad Burner
Waiting on Activation
Posted on: 27 Feb 05 08:41
According to the LightScribe folks, you can get the discs wet! "The best way to clean the label side of the disc is with a soft, lint-free cloth. There are cleaning kits available on the market, or you can clean discs with water." MB
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New on Forum
Posted on: 27 Feb 05 11:16
I have the HP version of the l;ightscribe DVD burner. I love it. I just wish I could fine some Lightscribe DVDs' as I pretty much have given cds' the boot.
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CD Freaks Member
Posted on: 27 Feb 05 11:20
Will the only DVD Lightscribe discs be +R/RW? As it's an HP/Philips invention......... this is probably the case initially?
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New on Forum
Posted on: 27 Feb 05 12:11
You can get inkjet fixative spray to stop the inkjets from smudging. As far as I can see, from the speed of printing, image quality, colour, cost of media, availability of media at the moment - inkjet wins. If you want to add to a label after you have written it, don't mind a greyscale image, don't mind having to pay over the odds for media then Lightscribe is for you. I'll stick with Inkjet at the moment thanks.
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CD Freaks Junior Member
Posted on: 27 Feb 05 22:17
*Just waiting for more drives to appear with faster "Lightscribing" speeds* :g
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CDFreaks Resident
Posted on: 11 Mar 05 01:57
Over in Singapore here..the BenQ1625 i sreleased officially for retail.. LS is a good feature..i am loving it already
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No longer with us
Posted on: 21 May 08 12:22
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New on Forum
Posted on: 14 Nov 08 19:02
if it detects the copy protection codes can it remove them
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