First look: LG GSA-4165B DVD Burner

Posted 17 September 2005 10:17 CEST by Jan70



Preview: LG GSA-4165B
Previewed by:
Provided by: CDFreaks
Firmware: DL04
Manufactured: July 2005

The LG GSA-4165B supports 16x DVD±R, 8x DVD+RW, 6x DVD-RW and 4x DVD±R DL writing technology, allowing Double/Dual Layer discs of 8.5Gb to be written.

Drive specifications:


W x D x H : 146 x 184.6 x 41.3(mm)
Weight  : 920g


Super Multi Drive with 5x DVD-RAM & 16x DVD¡é€R Write
Compatible with ¡é€R Double Layer Discs
16x/6x/5x/16x/8x (DVD-R/RW/RAM/+R/+RW)



        Write / Read speed



SL - 2x, 4x CLV, 8x ZCLV, 16x PCAV
   DL - 2x, 4x CLV



1x, 2x, 4x, 6x CLV



2x, 3x ZCLV, 3x-5x PCAV (Ver.2.2)



SL - 2.4x, 4x CLV, 8x, 12x, 16x PCAV
   DL - 2.4x, 4x CLV



2.4x, 4x CLV, 8x ZCLV



4x, 8x, 16x CLV, 24x, 32x, 40x ZCLV



4x, 10x, 16x CLV, 24x, 32x ZCLV



10x/8x/16x Max.


2x, 3x ZCLV, 3x-5x PCAV



SL - 10x Max. DL - 8x Max. / 8x Max.



48x Max.

        Data Transfer Rate - [DVD-ROM]22.16MB/S

        Access Time          - [DVD-ROM/RAM]145/165msec

        Buffer Size            - 2MB

        Loading Type         - Motorized Tray

        Interface Type       - E-IDE/ATAPI/Ultra DMA66

        Mounting Method   - Horizontal / Vertical

        Compatible Format
               DVD+RW; CD-R, CD-RW, CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA,
               CD-DA, CD-I, CD-Extra, CD-Text, Photo CD, Video CD

        Writing Method


Random Write


Disk-at-once, Incremental Recording

  [DVD-R DL]

Disk-at-once, (Incremental Recording)


Disk-at-once, Incremental Recording,
   Restricted Overwright

  [DVD+R, +R DL]

Sequential Recording


Disk-at-once, Session-at-once,
   Track-at-once, Packet write

    OS Compatibility
    Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 Professional, 
    Windows XP Home Edition, Professional, Media Center Edition

        Power - +12V/+5V DC

What's inside the box?

Since the drive is a bulk drive, there is neither retail box nor any software. Below you will see the contents of the bulk drive:

Now it's time to take a look at the drive itself:

The front is slight, and has an eject button, an emergency eject hole and a LED (green - for read and write - we prefer a different LED colour though for writing). The logos located on the loading tray include the Super Multi logo, a DVD Alliance DVD+R DL logo, the LG logo, a DVD Forum DVD-Multi Recorder logo, and a CD-RW Ultra Speed logo.

On top of the drive we found one sticker, and we can read it was manufactured in China (bottom left), dated July 2005.



On the back of the drive there are from the left: reserved connector; analogue audio connector; pins and jumper to set the drive to cable select, slave or master; IDE connector, and a power connector.

Now, let us install the drive and check out the features on the next page...

CDFreaks Resident
Posted on: 17 Sep 05 08:48
Great results. Is the drive able to do PI/PIF scans ? Only 4X for DVD+R DL is a bit deceiving though...
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King Solomon
Waiting on Activation
Posted on: 17 Sep 05 15:38
I guess it would be a good drive to add to my collection.. I didnt like the READ speed lock though.
0 Agree

CDFreaks Resident
Posted on: 17 Sep 05 20:49
How fast will LG be to startt selling the 4167 and the 4168? Strange policy with so many models comming in. And, as the format has already been cleared by the Forum, will the 4168 write RAM at 16x or just add LightScribe to the 4167 specification? If so, what model will be doing 16x soon? Yet anothet model?
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No longer with us
Posted on: 05 Sep 07 17:42
0 Agree

No longer with us
Posted on: 23 Sep 07 14:50
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No longer with us
Posted on: 09 Nov 08 12:53
I have been a customer sense the first version of DVDneXtCOPY came out. All I can say is everytime they update or release a new product it always out does the previous version by miles. This new ultimate version is amazing. The quality seems so much better then the other previous versions and speed is faster as well. not to mention all the new features that I have to dive into. Anyhow great job and great software, highly recommended. :B :B :B :B :B :B :B :B
0 Agree

No longer with us
Posted on: 13 Nov 08 18:42
Just got an email notice about the upgrade and picked up my copy. I have to say that this software has come along way. Thanks for continuing to improve DVDnextCOPY with each new product. I will definately continue to tell my friends about it.
0 Agree

No longer with us
Posted on: 17 Dec 08 19:30
I have tried all the dvd copying software there is and none of them can match the quality of dvdnextcopy. The copies it makes are practically identical to the originals. Kudos to the developers excellent software. :g
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No longer with us
Posted on: 29 Mar 09 17:41
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New Member
Posted on: 03 Apr 09 20:44
Agreed with Veed, They are the new 321 X copy that I had paid 100's of Dollars 4 Then Hollywood Made them Bankrupt, Much better as Veed says their updates outdo what you originally purchased!
0 Agree

Dr. Who
MyCE Resident
Posted on: 20 May 09 02:52
Will add that the remove the adverts or jump directly to menu option so far even on old and new releases has a 100% positive outcome to do just that. :B
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