Unpatched vulnerability in Chrome PDF reader actively exploited
Posted at 01 March 2019 18:16 CET

Attackers are exploiting an unpatched vulnerability in Google Chrome’s built-in PDF reader. Trough the vulnerability, information about the system is disclosed, such as the IP address, operating system, Chrome version, and the full path of the PDF file.

Sony demands $16,800 in damages for selling two Playstations with pirated games
Posted at 28 February 2019 18:16 CET

Sony demands $16,800 in damages from an American suspect of selling jailbroken PlayStation 4 consoles on which users could download and play pirated games. Damages have to be paid for two consoles with in total 76 pirated games installed.

American community college closes for two days after malware attack
Posted at 27 February 2019 23:47 CET

An American community college has been closed for two days after malware infected its network. Due to the malware infection, caused when an employee opened a malicious email attachment, all classes and other events were cancelled the last two days.

Adobe ends support for Shockwave in April this year
Posted at 27 February 2019 17:46 CET

Adobe has announced it will end offering and supporting Shockwave and Shockwave Player later this year. Shockwave can be considered the predecessor of Flash and is used for interactive applications and games both online using a browser plugin, and on e.g. CD-ROM and DVD. The software is installed on more than 450 million desktops worldwide, according to numbers from Adobe.

USB IF announces that USB 3.2 name will replace existing USB 3.x branding
Posted at 26 February 2019 23:30 CET

The USB Implementer Forum today announced the USB 3.2 specification will be used for all USB 3 generations, including earlier versions such as USB 3.0 and USB 3.1. The new names can be confusing for consumers.

Developers make Android work on Nintendo Switch
Posted at 26 February 2019 17:12 CET

Two developers have succeeded in running a working version of Android Q on the Nintendo Switch. In a video on his Twitter account, one of the developers demonstrates how he controls Android with the touchscreen of his Switch.

SD Association announces microSD Express standard
Posted at 25 February 2019 17:11 CET

The SD Association has announced the microSD Express standard, which is part of the upcoming SD 7.1 specifications. The microSD Express standard uses one-channel PCIe 3.1 and NVMe 1.3 to achieve throughputs of up to 985 MB/s. 

6 Alternatives To Skype
Posted at 23 February 2019 11:54 CET

Skype is one of the most popular Internet telephony services for quite a long time. This is because it is the first such service that has enabled people from all over the world to connect with each other. However, in recent times there have been a number of complaints against this telephony service provider due […]

Ransomware makes data of 15,000 patients inaccessible for more than three weeks already
Posted at 22 February 2019 23:43 CET

An Australian hospital has recently been hit by ransomware, which encrypted and made inaccessible, records of more than 15,000 patients. Due to the attack, some patient records have been inaccessible to doctors and nurses for more than three weeks.

Microsoft releases new Office app for Windows 10
Posted at 22 February 2019 15:49 CET

Microsoft has made the new Office app for Windows 10 available in the Microsoft Store. An upcoming update of Windows 10 will install the successor to the My Office app on all computers running the latest operating system from the Redmond software giant.

WinRAR closes 19 year old security issue
Posted at 21 February 2019 23:54 CET

Security researchers from Check Point have discovered a serious vulnerability in the popular WinRAR software. The vulnerability allowed attackers to copy malware into any folder on the computer or network share unnoticed. By copying the file into the startup folder of Windows, the malware would execute every time Windows started.

Opera 50 for Android makes it easy to enable or disable ad blocker per website
Posted at 21 February 2019 15:44 CET

Opera has launched version 50 of its browser for Android with several new features. One of them allows users to quickly turn the built-in ad blocker on or off. The browser also comes with an improved cookie warning dialog blocker. This feature tries to get rid of the large number of cookie-dialogs users see when browsing the web.

Microsoft once again finds bugs in latest Windows 7 and Windows 10 patches
Posted at 20 February 2019 23:54 CET

Microsoft once again has issues with updates for Windows. Where previously mainly Windows 10 was affected, this time it affects all Windows versions from Windows 7. The issues affect Access databases, Internet Explorer and an issue specifically hits Japanese users.

Microsoft makes Chrome browsing history available in Windows 10 Timeline through extension
Posted at 20 February 2019 14:43 CET

A new Chrome extension from Microsoft allows users to synchronize ‘Activities’ from Google’s browser with their Windows 10 Timeline. Previously the Timeline feature was only supported by Microsoft’s own Edge browser.

Microsoft to release SHA-2 update, for improved Windows Update security, faster than expected
Posted at 19 February 2019 23:54 CET

Microsoft will, earlier than expected, release an update that brings support for the more secure SHA-2 algorithm to Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. The update was scheduled for April this year, but Microsoft has decided to release it a month earlier.

Symantec discovered 8 apps on Microsoft Store that secretly mined for cryptocoin
Posted at 19 February 2019 15:18 CET

Security researchers from antivirus vendor Symantec discovered 8 malicious apps in the Microsoft Store that secretly consumed computer resources to mine cryptocurrencies. The apps were disguised as computer and battery optimization tutorial, internet search, web browsers, and video viewing and download app.

Samsung stops making 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray players
Posted at 18 February 2019 23:57 CET

Samsung has confirmed it will no longer make any new 4K / Ultra HD Blu-ray players. There were already rumors that the Korean electronics giant would pull out of the Ultra HD Blu-ray player market after it didn’t show any new models at IFA last year and CES this year.

Vulnerability in Facebook login allowed attackers to take-over any account
Posted at 18 February 2019 16:11 CET

A security issue in Facebook’s login procedure made it possible for attackers to take-over random accounts. The vulnerability allowed attackers to add their own mail address and phone number to the account of another user.

Alliance asks Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Walmart to only sell secure internet connected devices
Posted at 15 February 2019 23:55 CET

An alliance of Mozilla, Consumers International, the Internet Society and eight other organizations have asked the four large American retailers Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Walmart to stop selling insecure Internet of Things (IoT) and “smart” devices.

Microsoft: 81 percent of cyber attacks due to weak or compromised passwords
Posted at 15 February 2019 15:48 CET

A whopping 81 percent of all cyberattacks are due to weak or stolen passwords, according to Microsoft in a blog about its Threat Protection service. Because many users use the same passwords on multiple websites, the compromised login credentials can be used to access other accounts of the user as well.

EU reaches agreement on controversial new copyright law with ‘upload filter’ and ‘link tax’ articles
Posted at 14 February 2019 23:56 CET

European negotiators have reached a political agreement on the new Copyright Directive which includes the controversial article 11 and 13. Article 11 is also known as the link tax and article 13 requires tech giants like Google and Facebook to purchase licenses for the content their users share. 

Microsoft might keep Classic Paint in Windows 10
Posted at 14 February 2019 16:00 CET

Where Microsoft previously announced it would remove the traditional version of Paint from Windows 10, there might be some good news for those that won’t like to see it go away. An Italian Twitter user noticed that Microsoft removed the notice stating Paint will be removed from the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview version. Previously […]

Microsoft patched actively exploited zero-day in Internet Explorer and 73 other security issues
Posted at 13 February 2019 23:43 CET

Microsoft has patched an actively attacked vulnerability in Internet Explorer and 73 other vulnerabilities during yesterday’s Patch Tuesday of February. The zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer was discovered by Google and allowed attackers to test for the presence of specific files on disk.

How the Internet Is Transforming the Entertainment Industry
Posted at 13 February 2019 20:27 CET

Our entertainment has come a long way since people enjoyed themselves in real time and live. To visit certain places, people needed to get going and physically bring themselves to them. Theater performances were watched from the auditorium, galleries, or balconies.

Mozilla uses machine learning tool from Ubisoft to eliminate bugs in Firefox
Posted at 13 February 2019 16:43 CET

Mozilla will make use of machine learning software from Ubisoft to reduce the number of bugs in Firefox. Ubisoft’s so-called coding-assistant named Clever-Commit, uses data from Firefox’s bug tracking and version control system.