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Also Nexus 7v1 spotted running Android 5.1 build LMY47D (0)
Posted at 06 March 2015 20:14 CET

After reporting about the Nexus 4 and Nexus 6 and Nexus 5 running Android 5.1, today the Chromium issue tracker reveals a Nexus 7v1 running Android 5.1.

New ransomware distributes using Windows help files (2)
Posted at 06 March 2015 19:52 CET

Romanian antivirus company BitDefender warns for cybercriminals sending out emails with malicious help-files containing the Crypto Wall ransomware.

uTorrent silently installs cryptocurrency-miner with latest release (Updated) (5)
Posted at 06 March 2015 19:21 CET

The popular Bittorrent client uTorrent has started to bundle a cryptocurrency miner in its latest release. The software allegedly mines cryptocoins for charity.

Mozilla patches bugs and crashes with Firefox 36.0.1 (2)
Posted at 06 March 2015 17:21 CET

Mozilla has released a new version of Firefox, a week after Firefox 36 was released.

Company offers unlimited gaming for $9.99 a month – to become “Spotify of games” (0)
Posted at 05 March 2015 17:22 CET

The company Utomik plans to start a subscription service for PC games. Gamers should be able to play unlimited games for a $9.99 monthly fee.

Microsoft Security Essentials last in banking trojan detection test (4)
Posted at 05 March 2015 16:22 CET

Microsoft Security Essentials is amongst the most popular Windows virus scanners but scores low on detection of malware that tries to steal money from bank accounts, according to security researchers from MRG Effitas.

Shuttle comes with first Broadwell-based fanless PC (6)
Posted at 05 March 2015 13:32 CET

Shuttle yesterday introduced the DS57U, the company’s first barebone PC with a built-in Broadwell processor. The DS57U is delivered as a barebone PC and includes the case, motherboard, cooling system and power supply unit as its core components as standard.

BREIN takes down browser-based Popcorn Time variant Nacho Time (2)
Posted at 05 March 2015 13:10 CET

Dutch anti-piracy organisation BREIN has taken down the website Nacho Time. The “browser version of Popcorn Time” gained a lot of popularity in a short time, but the website now shows a warning from the anti-piracy watchdog.

Nexus 5 running Android 5.1 build LMY47E spotted (0)
Posted at 04 March 2015 19:16 CET

After a Nexus 4 and Nexus 6 yesterday, today the Chromium issue tracker reveals a Nexus 5 running Android 5.1. This time with the relative recent build LMY47E.

Whatsapp now permanently bans users using third-party apps (2)
Posted at 04 March 2015 18:54 CET

Users of Whatsapp sending messages using different, unofficial clients are risking to be permanently banned from the online messaging service.

Sandisk announces 200GB MicroSD memory card (8)
Posted at 03 March 2015 18:59 CET

SanDisk yesterday announced a MicroSD card with a capacity of 200GB. The Ultra Microsdxc UHS-I Premium Edition is, according to the Japanese memory card manufacturer, the largest capacity MicroSD card commercially available.

Android 5.1 builds spotted running on Nexus 4 and Nexus 6 (1)
Posted at 03 March 2015 18:42 CET

The Chromium issue tracker reveals a Nexus 4 (Occam) running Android 5.1 build LMY36B. Another issue shows a Nexus 6 running build LMY40.

Qualcomm claim fingerprint sensor breakthrough (0)
Posted at 03 March 2015 11:01 CET

Semiconductor giant Qualcomm has announced an innovative new fingerprint sensor for use in mobile devices such as smartphones. They claim that their Snapdragon Sense ID 3D fingerprint technology is able to read fingerprints through glass, plastic and even metal.

Bill Gates once again the richest person on the planet (2)
Posted at 02 March 2015 22:29 CET

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is for the 16th time the richest man in the world, according to a list published every year by the American magazine Forbes.

Window XP market share went slightly up last month – despite no support anymore (6)
Posted at 02 March 2015 17:48 CET

Next month it’s been exactly a year since Microsoft pulled the plug on Windows XP support. Nevertheless, users of the outdated operating system don’t seem to be planning to upgrade, according to numbers released by Net Applications and StatCounter.

Blu-ray players rooted by security researcher – discs can be abused to attack computers (6)
Posted at 02 March 2015 17:32 CET

A security researcher has recently demonstrated an attack on Windows computers and Blu-ray players using a malicious Blu-ray disc.

Microsoft makes Windows 7 ISOs available for download for free (18)
Posted at 27 February 2015 22:32 CET

Microsoft has launched a new website where users with a valid license can download a full version of Windows 7.

Aggressive Android-adware on Google Play discovered (2)
Posted at 27 February 2015 19:17 CET

Researchers of Romanian anti-virus developer Bitdefender have discovered Android apps on Google Play containing aggressive adware.

SSD prices increase 9% compared to December last year (6)
Posted at 26 February 2015 21:02 CET

Prices of SSDs in the “Myce SSD Price Index” have increased with 9% compared to 2014. The price per Gigabyte of one SSD increased with more than 60%.

Virus disabled Windows Update on millions of PCs (1)
Posted at 26 February 2015 19:55 CET

The Ramnit-botnet, taken down this week by Europol and security companies, disabled Windows Update, Windows FireWall and virus scanners on more than 3 million PCs the last 5 year.

Users fix Samsung Smart TV down time themselves – Two workarounds known (13)
Posted at 26 February 2015 01:57 CET

By modifying the DNS server settings of Samsung Smart TVs, the SmartHub works again. Samsung’s Smart TV platform has been down for at least a day now.

Mozilla patches 4 critical vulnerabilities and adds HTTP/2 support in Firefox 36 (2)
Posted at 25 February 2015 19:31 CET

Mozilla released a new version of Firefox yesterday which fixes 18 security vulnerabilities of which 4 so serious that only visiting a hacked or malicious website allowed attackers to take-over a computer.

Smart TV mayhem for Sony and Samsung users after central servers go down (21)
Posted at 25 February 2015 13:42 CET

Because the Smart TV platforms of at least Sony and Samsung require a central server to properly function, both are down for hours already.

Also Sony’s Bravia Smart TV and Blu-ray platform down (2)
Posted at 25 February 2015 04:20 CET

Besides the Samsung Smart Hub outage of today, also Sony’s Smart TV platform is down, the company has confirmed the issue.

Samsung’s Smart TV platform Smart Hub down – suffers from worldwide internet outage (89)
Posted at 24 February 2015 23:12 CET

Samsung Smart TV owners all over the globe report their Smart TV functionality isn’t working. The Samsung SmartHub software is unable to connect to the internet. settings

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