Piratebay founders convicted to $472,000 in damages to record labels (0)
Posted at 23 August 2017 17:29 CEST

A court in Helsinki, Finland has ruled that two founders of torrent site The Pirate Bay have to pay €400,000 ($470,000) in damages to record labels for illegal downloads. The verdict was ruled in a case against Fredrik Neij and Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, two founders of The Pirate Bay, the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat reports.

‘Sonos users only get new features if they agree on new privacy terms’ (0)
Posted at 22 August 2017 23:01 CEST

Users who don’t agree on the new privacy terms of Sonos, risk the possibility that their speakers might eventually no longer work, according to an American spokesman of the company to ZDNet. A Dutch spokesperson of the company denies the news, according to Dutch website Nu.nl

Mozilla wants to collect sensitive data from visitors using ‘differential privacy’ (0)
Posted at 22 August 2017 16:58 CEST

Mozilla plans to collect data from Firefox users so their products teams can better analyze how the browser is used. According to Mozilla’s senior software engineer Georg Fritzsche, their products teams frequently ask for sensitive data, such as which websites Firefox users visit and how features on websites perform. The developer claims the data collection should improve the user experience.

Microsoft’s speech recognition software now nearly as accurate as humans (0)
Posted at 21 August 2017 16:53 CEST

Microsoft achieved a new record with its speech recognition software. In a test only 5.1% of all words was wrongly understood, according to the Redmond technology giant in a blog post on its website. The speech recognition software now makes just as much mistakes as a human would make.

Hundreds of cloud controlled smart door locks rendered useless after faulty update (0)
Posted at 18 August 2017 17:55 CEST

Hundreds of owners of a smart door lock with an internet connection could no longer open their door after a faulty update. The affected locks are the RemoteLock LS6i locks from the American company Lockstate which currently sell at $469 at Amazon. The lock can be opened with a key, pin code or through Wifi. 

Skype tests new desktop app on Windows and Mac (0)
Posted at 17 August 2017 17:42 CEST

Skype has started testing a new design for its PC app. A beta version is available for Mac and all Windows computers, except for Windows 10. The design of the new PC version of Skype is similar to that of the revamped mobile version that was introduced in June. It focuses on sharing media and responding to messages with e.g. emoji.

Users complain about issues with Windows 7 and Windows 10 August updates (0)
Posted at 16 August 2017 16:44 CEST

Users complain about issues with several updates released for Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 10 earlier this month. The affected updates are KB4034664 and KB4034679 for Windows 7 in combination with systems with 2 or more monitors.

IBM researchers: Rowhammer-like attack on flash memory can provide root privileges to attacker (0)
Posted at 16 August 2017 02:29 CEST

The way NAND flash memory used in Solid State Disks (SSDs) works, makes it possible for an attacker with write access to get root privileges on a system, researchers from IBM demonstrated during the WOOT ’17 conference currently held in Vancouver. The method they’ve demonstrated works similar to that of the ‘Rowhammer’ DRAM attack.

Mozilla to automatically upgrade 32-bit of Firefox to 64-bit version because of less crashes and better security (0)
Posted at 15 August 2017 20:29 CEST

Users who download Firefox using a 64-bit Windows version, now automatically receive the 64-bit version of the browser, which is safer than the 32-bit version, Mozilla today announced. The 64-bit version has all kinds of security advantages, according to the browser developer.

Hackers once again publish unaired episodes of HBO series (0)
Posted at 14 August 2017 18:57 CEST

The hackers that broke into the HBO servers have published several more unaired episodes of series from the paid video service, according to Reuters. The hackers published episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Insecure, Ballers and The Deuce. This time they didn’t share any episodes of Game of Thrones.

Consumer Reports no longer recommends Microsoft Surface devices because of bad reliability (0)
Posted at 12 August 2017 13:53 CEST

Surface devices break faster than laptops and tablets of competitors, according to a report from the American Consumer Reports. The organisation therefore no longer recommends the devices from Microsoft.

‘HBO offered hackers that stole Game of Thrones scripts ‘bounty’ of $250,000′ (0)
Posted at 11 August 2017 16:53 CEST

HBO offered a $250,000 ‘reward’ to the hackers who are currently extorting the company. The information comes from Variety who received a screenshot from the hacker that shows email communication between the hackers and HBO.

Microsoft makes changes to Windows 10 after criticism from antivirus vendors (0)
Posted at 10 August 2017 17:05 CEST

Microsoft has decided to make several changes to Windows 10, based on criticism from several antivirus vendors. The company also promises to work closer with the antivirus software developers.

FBI warns for risks of peer-to-peer file sharing (0)
Posted at 09 August 2017 23:13 CEST

The FBI warns internet users for the risk of peer-to-peer networks, because the technology comes with all kinds of dangers, according to the American intelligence service on its website. Through peer-to-peer networks users can easily exchange all kinds of files.

Seagate demonstrates 64TB NVMe SSD with 13GB/s maximum throughput (0)
Posted at 09 August 2017 18:08 CEST

Seagate has demonstrated a prototype NVMe SSD with a capacity of 64TB and a maximum throughput of 13 GB/s. The drive consists of eight M.2 SSDs in RAID, on a single PCIe card, and multiple high performance controllers.

Micron announces 9200 Series of NVMe high-end enterprise SSDs (0)
Posted at 08 August 2017 23:43 CEST

Micron today introduced its 9200 Series of NVMe SSDs, the company’s latest high-end enterprise series. The drives combine the cost-effective capacity of 3D NAND with the throughput and response time of the NVM Express (NVMe) protocol. With the Micron 9200, Micron becomes the first manufacturer to ship a greater-than-10TB NVMe SSD.

HBO hackers leak emails, Game of Thrones script and demand ransom (0)
Posted at 08 August 2017 17:44 CEST

The unknown hacker or hacker group that recently hacked pay television service HBO, obtained a large collection of emails of the company’s CEO. Entertainment website The Hollywood Reporter writes it received access to the material yesterday.

Majority of Windows 10 computers send full diagnostic data back to Microsoft (0)
Posted at 07 August 2017 17:38 CEST

The majority of Windows 10 computers with the Creators Update installed send full diagnostics data to Microsoft, according to a blog on the Microsoft website. Under pressure of, amongst others, the Swiss privacy watchdog FDPIC, Microsoft decided to add new privacy setting to the installation process.

Users complain en masse about Lastpass doubling price of Premium subscription (0)
Posted at 04 August 2017 16:32 CEST

Password manager Lastpass has doubled the price of its yearly Premium subscription. The yearly fee is increased from $12 to $24 and new Premium subscribers can no longer use the shared folders feature. This functionality is now only available for subscribers to the new Family plan which sells at $48 per year.

‘HBO hacker obtained much more data than previously thought’ (0)
Posted at 03 August 2017 23:52 CEST

Hackers who recently hacked pay television service HBO, have possibly stolen more information than previously thought. A security company hired by HBO has discovered that thousands of internal documents have been obtained.

Microsoft warns of security risks caused by end of Office 2007 support (0)
Posted at 03 August 2017 16:44 CEST

Microsoft in the Netherlands warns users and organisations who still work with Office 2007, that support of the office suite ends by October this year. After that, no more (security) updates for Office 2007 will be released. Using the software after October is therefore a security risk.

IBM breaks record by storing 330 TB on a square inch of magnetic tape (0)
Posted at 02 August 2017 23:35 CEST

Researchers from IBM and Sony have broke a record by storing more data than ever before on a piece of magnetic tape. They were able store 201 gigabits per square inch, IBM announced today. That means a storage density of 20x more than currently commercially available products.

Mozilla tests free service to share encrypted files privately (0)
Posted at 02 August 2017 17:34 CEST

Mozilla has developed a free service that allows users to share private, encrypted files. The service is called Send and can be used with any modern browser. Users can upload files through Send which are encrypted client-side, so even Mozilla can’t see the contents.

Experimental build of Chrome for Android comes with adblocker enabled by default (0)
Posted at 31 July 2017 18:22 CEST

An early beta version of Google Chrome for Android has an ad blocker built-in that is enabled by default. The setting in the so called ‘Canary build’ was discovered by a German blogger who thinks the setting is due to Google’s upcoming ‘Better Ads’ initiative.

More than a billion iOS and Android phones vulnerable to critical leak through Wifi chip (0)
Posted at 28 July 2017 18:21 CEST

A security researcher has found a serious vulnerability in a Wifi chip that can be found in smartphones of all kinds of manufacturers. At least 1 billion smartphones that are currently in use can be hacked through the vulnerability. The vulnerability has been called Broadpwn.

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