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Microsoft releases Windows 10 build 10158 to Windows Insiders (0)
Posted at 30 June 2015 17:51 CEST

Microsoft today released a new build of Windows 10 to subscribers of the Windows Insider program. Build 10158 contains many new features that were already part of the leaked 10147 build.

Users pirating Malwarebytes receive free one year license (0)
Posted at 29 June 2015 21:45 CEST

Users pirating software of Malwarebytes are offered a free key for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium.

European proposal means photographing landmarks becomes violation of copyright (8)
Posted at 29 June 2015 17:26 CEST

Taking pictures of famous landmarks and uploading them to a website , Facebook, Twitter or Instagram will become a violation of copyright. Famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Brandenburger Tor, the London Eye or Sagrada Familia may need to be censored in holiday pictures published online to avoid violating copyright.

Sony reveals BDP-S6500 Blu-ray player with 4K upscaling and Super Wifi (5)
Posted at 27 June 2015 22:09 CEST

Sony has released a new Blu-ray player that offers 4K upscaling and Super Wifi.

Microsoft voices displeasure on Samsung’s disabling of Windows Updates (3)
Posted at 27 June 2015 12:28 CEST

Microsoft has voiced its displeasure on Samsung’s disabling of Windows Update which causes users to no longer receive security patches automatically.

iPhone 6 users suffer from Blue Screen of Death (0)
Posted at 27 June 2015 06:54 CEST

The famous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is no longer a Windows exclusive, a similar phenomenon currently affects iPhones.

Microsoft CEO to employees: volunteer some time to install Windows 10 in your community (5)
Posted at 26 June 2015 23:42 CEST

Microsoft employees are asked to voluntarily install Windows 10 in their communities, according to a leaked memo from the company’s CEO, Satya Nadella.

Sandisk’s 200GB MicroSDXC card now available, much cheaper than expected (0)
Posted at 26 June 2015 22:04 CEST

A 200GB SD card that Sandisk demonstrated during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in March is now available and for a price that’s much lower than expected.

Will Microsoft finally stop selling Lumia phones? (0)
Posted at 26 June 2015 19:40 CEST

An internal memo from Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella promises tough choices are coming soon. What those choices will be is unclear but Nadella previously stated to struggle with the Nokia inheritance from Microsoft’s previous CEO Steve Ballmer.

Archos introduces Intel Compute Stick clone that’s $50 cheaper (0)
Posted at 26 June 2015 19:02 CEST

Archos today announced its own version of the Intel Compute Stick. The stick runs Windows 10 and is a lot cheaper than Intel’s version.

Myce SSD Price Index July 2015 – Crucial, Kingston and Samsung compete for lowest price per GB (3)
Posted at 26 June 2015 17:42 CEST

This quarter’s Myce SSD Price Index shows that the overall price per GB has dropped again and that Kingston, Crucial and Samsung continue to compete for the lowest cost per GB.

Seagate announces single platter 2.5″ 4TB portable HDD (1)
Posted at 25 June 2015 22:13 CEST

Seagate has announced the Backup Plus Portable, a portable HDD with a capacity of 4TB and an USB3.0 interface. The drive is the successor of the 2TB drive in the same series.

Apple removes games that show Confederate flag (31)
Posted at 25 June 2015 21:52 CEST

Apple is actively removing games which contain the Confederate flag. The flag is frequently connected to the recent shootings in an American church. Many games about the American Civil War are no longer available in the App Store.

Microsoft will sell Windows 10 retail packages on USB drives (20)
Posted at 25 June 2015 19:51 CEST

Windows 10 will be Microsoft’s first operating system that will be sold on USB sticks. Both the Home and Pro versions will have retail packages for which the OS is delivered on a flash drive (in addition to the traditional DVD).

Amazon Prime service first to stream video content in HDR – beats Netflix (0)
Posted at 25 June 2015 18:36 CEST

Amazon Prime is the first video streaming service that offers HDR content. The series Mozart in the Jungle will become available in the format without additional costs to subscribers with a Samsung TV with HDR support.

Judge: Facebook required to provide data to 21 year old revenge porn victim (1)
Posted at 25 June 2015 17:35 CEST

A judge in the Netherlands has ruled that Facebook has two weeks to hand over personal details of a poster of revenge porn to a Dutch victim.

Google researcher discloses critical leak in ESET virus scanners (1)
Posted at 24 June 2015 21:21 CEST

A security researcher working at Google has discovered a critical leak in antivirus software of ESET. Attackers can use the vulnerability to gain remote access to a system.

Samsung disables Windows Update in their laptops (4)
Posted at 24 June 2015 17:24 CEST

Samsung has taken an unusual, extraordinary measure with some of their laptops by turning off Windows Update.  As you know, Windows Update includes many different types of improvements to your computer, including patches to improve functions of the operating system, drivers for hardware and most importantly, security patches.  Without Windows security updates, users are vulnerable […]

MalwareBytes: Registry cleaners are digital snake oil (4)
Posted at 24 June 2015 17:02 CEST

Software that optimizes or cleans the Windows Registry is useless and only misleads users, according to antivirus company MalwareBytes.

WhatsApp enables free VOIP phone calls on Windows Phone (0)
Posted at 24 June 2015 16:45 CEST

WhatsApp has added the VOIP call feature to its Windows Phone app. The call feature was already available on iOS and Android but now also Windows Phone users can make phone calls with the chat application.

American Navy pays millions to Microsoft for Windows XP support (3)
Posted at 23 June 2015 20:24 CEST

The American Navy has paid millions of dollars to Microsoft to continue to support its 100,000 computers still running Windows XP.

Adobe issues emergency patch for actively exploited Flash vulnerability (0)
Posted at 23 June 2015 20:07 CEST

Adobe has issued an emergency patch for a vulnerability in Flash Player that is actively used to infect computers with malware.

Bing demotes pirate websites in search results (3)
Posted at 23 June 2015 16:29 CEST

Microsoft will degrade websites that illegally offer music and movies in its Bing search engine to fight piracy.

TorrentTags warns users for illegal torrent downloads (4)
Posted at 22 June 2015 19:50 CEST

Australian software developers have created a database called Torrent Tags that warns users for torrent files that are copyrighted. The database contains an overview of torrent files that have once been claimed by a copyright holder.

Illegal game torrents used to make your PC mine Bitcoins – and raise your electricity bill (0)
Posted at 22 June 2015 19:37 CEST

More and more users report that some illegal torrents of popular games are in infected with cryptocoin miners. Unsuspected users think they are installing the game, downloaded from illegal sources, but instead install a crypto miner which uses the victim’s CPU and GPU power to mine Bitcoins, Litecoins or other crypto currencies. settings

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