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Microsoft promises to make Windows 10 update popups less aggressive (3)
Posted at 30 June 2016 17:59 CEST

Microsoft will be less aggressive in trying to convince users to upgrade to Windows 10, the company promises. The last couple of months more and more users complained about the aggressive methods used by the Redmond technology giant to make users switch to its latest operating system.

Microsoft reports milestone of 350 million Windows 10 users (7)
Posted at 30 June 2016 17:51 CEST

Microsoft reports that Windows 10 currently has 350 million users, 11 months after the the OS was officially released. The first large update to Microsoft’s latest OS is expected for the 2nd of August this year.

HDD manufacturer Seagate to lay off 1,600 employees to save $100 million annually (3)
Posted at 30 June 2016 17:37 CEST

Reuters reports that American HDD manufacturer Seagate is cutting 1,600 jobs. The company hopes to save about $100 million annually by letting go about 3% of its employees.

Google wants to personalize ads for their users (0)
Posted at 29 June 2016 21:42 CEST

Google intends to coordinate all their sources of information about their users and create personalized ads for them, but they are asking for your permission first.  If you agree to the change, Google will combine information they gather about you from Search, Youtube and Chrome and build a profile which will outline your interests, and […]

Google to provide a broadband speed test in search results (2)
Posted at 29 June 2016 16:16 CEST

Google has partnered with M-Lab in what appears to be an upcoming search result feature for measuring one’s Internet connection speed

Microsoft Xbox cutting access to paid content (1)
Posted at 28 June 2016 17:24 CEST

Xbox Fitness was an application that was introduced along with the Xbox One back in 2013.  As one of the primary apps for use with the Kinect 3D camera, it was given particular emphasis by Microsoft at the introduction of the console.  But that has all ended.  Microsoft has stepped back from the Kinect, with […]

Judge dismisses movie piracy case based on IP address (10)
Posted at 27 June 2016 23:19 CEST

In an astonishing outbreak of common sense, a federal court in Oregon has dismissed a copyright infringement case that was based entirely on the IP address of the defendant.  According to Judge Stacie Beckerman, claims of direct or indirect infringement could not be proved when the only evidence provided was an IP address, and the […]

Woman sues Microsoft for Windows 10 upgrade and wins (4)
Posted at 27 June 2016 16:32 CEST

Not long after Windows 10 became available for downloads last summer, Teri Goldstein, of Sausalito, California, noticed that the computer she used for her travel agency business was running slowly, to the point she couldn’t use it at all.  She said it would crash or become unstable due to the update to Windows 10.   […]

MPAA head warns against removing geo-blocking in Europe (9)
Posted at 24 June 2016 00:18 CEST

In a speech at the CineEurope convention, MPAA CEO Chris Dodd warned his listeners that removing geo-blocking in Europe will “cause great harm” to the movie industry.  Geo-blocking allows movie studios to release movies on different schedules for different regions, thereby maintaining control of the distribution in ways to maximize profits for the movie studios.  […]

Sandisk offers iPhone case with built-in storage (2)
Posted at 23 June 2016 22:21 CEST

Mobile storage remains a problem for some iPhone users, especially those who bought 16GB versions of those popular phones.  Sandisk has come up with a new solution for those Apple customers, a phone case with built-in storage.  These cases connect to the phone using the Lightning port, and can expand storage capacity by as much […]

Apple phasing out its last SuperDrive-equipped Mac? (1)
Posted at 23 June 2016 03:23 CEST

Apple’s last computer equipped with an optical drive may be on the way out.

PSA: HP recalling some notebook batteries (0)
Posted at 23 June 2016 02:48 CEST

HP announces another recall program, this time for batteries in select notebook computers.

Ad Blockers becoming ever more popular (9)
Posted at 21 June 2016 19:33 CEST

Ad blocking has become a topic of fevered interest among publishers and advertising companies this year.  Many fear that the tipping point has been  reached already, with too many ads being blocked to maintain a steady income following the established methods of views in exchange for advertising.   A new report from a research firm called […]

New RAA ransomware strain created entirely with JScript (9)
Posted at 21 June 2016 13:25 CEST

Earlier JScript infections silently downloaded the ransomware executable that made it vulnerable to being blocked by Internet Security software. With the latest strain, the JScript file itself includes the CryptoJS library so that the script alone will encrypt the user’s personal files. This ransomware also packs the nasty password stealing Malware, Pony.

Batman vs Superman will be first 4k movie on triple layer Blu-ray disc (0)
Posted at 20 June 2016 16:47 CEST

Movie studios are beginning to use the potential benefits of the larger, 100gb discs for their 4k Ultra Blu-ray movies.  Warner Brothers Studio announced that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition will be the first movie released on this type of triple layer Blu-ray media.     A great deal of the extra […]

Adobe fixes 35 critical security vulnerabilities including one actively exploited zero-day (0)
Posted at 17 June 2016 20:31 CEST

Adobe has released a new version of its Flash Player that fixes 36 vulnerabilities including one that was actively used to infect computers with malware. Not only this so-called zero-day leak could be used to take over a vulnerable system, also 34 other vulnerabilities made this possible.

Firefox gets container feature to separate between personal, work, banking and shopping tabs (5)
Posted at 17 June 2016 20:00 CEST

Mozilla’s Firefox browser will get a new feature that makes it possible to open separate tabs for work, personal, internet banking and online shopping. The feature is called ‘Containers’ and makes it possible to open tabs in different contexts.

Microsoft makes it easier to perform clean install of Windows 10 (6)
Posted at 17 June 2016 19:48 CEST

To make it easier for Windows 10 users to perform a clean installation of the OS, Microsoft today released a new tool called the ‘Refresh Windows Tool’. Microsoft announced the new tool together with the release of a new Windows 10 Insider Preview version.

Microsoft introduces faster web encryption in Edge browser (0)
Posted at 16 June 2016 19:56 CEST

Microsoft is working on speeding up encrypted (HTTPS) internet connections. The Redmond technology giant has added a faster way of encrypting internet traffic in the test version of its Edge browser.

Co-founder of The Piratebay has to pay €350,000 in damages to record labels (3)
Posted at 16 June 2016 19:20 CEST

Peter Sunde, co-founder of The Pirate Bay has to pay €350,000 ($392,000) in damages to music labels, a court in the Finnish capital Helsinki ruled today.

Security researchers: 50% of ads on free live streaming websites are malicious (5)
Posted at 15 June 2016 17:39 CEST

Belgian and American researchers report that 50% of overlay advertisements on free live streaming sites are malicious. The researchers developed a tool that allowed them to identity live streaming sites. The sites were automatically visited and the data stream generated by these sites was analyzed.

Microsoft patches 3 zero-day vulnerabilites and 5 critical leaks in Windows, Internet Explorer, Office and Edge (1)
Posted at 15 June 2016 17:16 CEST

Microsoft yesterday patched 47 vulnerabilities in Windows, Internet Explorer, Edge, Office and Exchange during its monthly Patch Tuesday. Three of them were known zero-day leaks, that according to Microsoft weren’t actively attacked.

Apple to block Flash, Java, QuickTime and Silverlight by default in Safari 10 (1)
Posted at 15 June 2016 16:37 CEST

Also Apple will start to block Adobe Flash by default on its desktop Safari browser. The change will come with Safari 10 which will be released part of the upcoming macOS Sierra update. The browser will always prefer HTML5 over Flash.

Adobe Flash Player has another critical flaw (4)
Posted at 14 June 2016 23:02 CEST

The most recent version of Adobe Flash player is, and it is currently vulnerable to active attacks on the net, with no patch available from Adobe until later this week at the earliest.  This flaw was detected earlier in the month by Kaspersky Lab and is being exploited by a relatively new group that […]

$700 device allows criminals to pay with your contactless payment card (8)
Posted at 14 June 2016 19:18 CEST

A $700 small device is sold on the black market that allows criminals to clone contactless payment cards and then pay with them. The device makes it possible to copy 15 contactless payment cards within a second. settings

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