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New soft plastic sleeve design case for CD/DVD mailing

Posted at 07 November 2005 17:29 CEST by Crabbyappleton
Plastic injection molding company AB Plastech, has designed a clever and soft optical media case that they claim offers excellent protection for your software, yet can save you money on postage. Designed specifically for use as mailers, the sleeves are made of soft, but durable plastic and unlike typical cases they are crack-resistant. The CD cases are easy to open, allow for fast removal of the disk and can even be sent through the mail in a standard envelope. Cd's or DVDs arrive in the same condition as you sent them Soft, plastic CD cases won't crack or break Latch closure prevents CD case from opening, even when dropped Innovative design offers solid protection from the hazards of shipping and handling Save money on shipping expenses No more heavy, protective packaging required - safely send your Cd's and DVDs in a standard envelope Lighter package weight means less shipping charges No more breakage during shipping (cracked or broken cases) - less costly product replacements. Your product will arrive in perfect condition, making you look good. Efficient storage solution Our CD cases store perfectly in a standard CD rack Specifically designed to accommodate brochure or liner notes  You can read more about these cases at the AB Plastech site. The product comes in a variety of colors and can be embossed with your company logo. Source: AB Plastech

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MyCE Resident
Posted on: 07 Nov 05 17:36
    as long as it is inexpensive, it would be great news for netflix, blockbuster users
    Posted on: 07 Nov 05 17:47
      Hey i'm for Anything as long as it doesn't "Secretly" install a rootkit.......Maybe i'll wait.
      MyCE Resident
      Posted on: 07 Nov 05 18:25
        Iwas thinking of Netflix myself with this one. But I suppose a lot of companies could use something like this at conventions to pass out their software.
        CD Freaks Member
        Posted on: 07 Nov 05 18:58
          how are these different to cshell cases in fuctionality they are the same and this is simple a different design. The latch will be suefull but these are only worth a mention if they are as cheap as c-shell cases. C-shell cases also use a soft plastic which is very tough and resistant to cracks so i dont see how this is so revolutionary. For sending discs in the mail i have been using thick cardboard sleeves and i have yet to have any problems with discs being broken etc.
          New on Forum
          Posted on: 08 Nov 05 16:19
            "Standard" envelope? Standard envelope in the US is a #10 business envelope, this is approximately 2 cm too small for a CD or DVD. And, as Cilledoutuk's experience attests, I've also never had any problems using the thick cardboard mailers for discs. Also, they allow you to send a single disc at the 2 oz. postal rate, currently $0.60.
            No longer with us
            Posted on: 21 Oct 08 05:01
              This DVD sleeve has a new design and structure. I think that you can protect your DVDs more easily with it. For more quality CD/DVD cases, you could see China DVD cases.

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