Long awaited XviD version 1.10 final has been released

Posted by Crabbyappleton

long awaited 1.1.0. is out, here is what they have to say at the XviD.org site: “It is mostly API
compatible with the previous stable release as we dropped support for reduced
resolution coding. If your application didn’t use that feature then the upgrade
is totally compatible.”

new in this version:

  • xvidcore:

    • Improved Low bitrate quality.

    • Improved VBV support
    • Rate-Distortion mode decision for

    • New postprocessing functions,
      brightness and deringing

    • New PowerPC port by Christoph

    • Brand new amd64 Linux 64bit port by
      Andre Werthmann

    • Various decoder and encoder speedups

    • A few bugs

  • VFW frontend

    • Mingw/CygWin support
    • Various small improvements

    • A few bugs

  • DShow frontend

    • Mingw/CygWin support
    • Support for brightness control

    • Various small improvements

    • A few bugs

You can snag a download here! If you like experimenting with video
codecs or just would like to give or get some help, a good place to start
is our Copy
DVD Movie Forum.

Source: Xvid