MP4Cam2AVI: a tool for digital camera or camcorder owners

Posted by geno888

The scenario is rather simple: you have a camcorder or a digital camera able to record short videos and you want to create a DVD to watch your home-made movies on your television. Some camcorders already have software that allows you to create your video compilations, and some video enthusiasts bought a more professional software to do better the work.

But what happens if your camera records videos only in a proprietary format that many video editing software packages can’t import? In this case you need a tool to convert your digital video into a more compliant format.

MP4Cam2AVI is a free tool that can help many video enthusiasts to create their video compilations:

converter/joiner for MPEG-4 camcorders and digital photo cameras. It makes
MPEG-4 camera clips DivX/XviD compatible and playable with any DVD-MPEG4 player like regular MPEG-4 movie. Program supports *.MP4, *.MOV, and *.AVI input (MPEG-4 AVI’s from Casio P505/Z750 cameras are not DivX-compatible). MJPEG *.MOV’s from photo cameras are supported as well.

MP4Cam2AVI doesn’t recompress video, that means no
quality loss and fast operation (5-20x realtime, depending on audio
settings). Audio can be stored in source format, or converted to MP3 (best
for DVD-MPEG4 players) or PCM (best for editing).

Unlike many converting apps, MP4Cam2AVI doesn’t require QuickTime or any codecs to work, it performs all the job itself.

But what makes this tool interesting? Basically two reasons:

  1. Your camera records in .MP4|.MOV, and this format is
    not supported by most video editing software (i.e. Adobe Premiere, Pinnacle
    Studio etc.) With MP4Cam2AVI you can convert videos into a format that can be
    imported by these software packages.
  2. Some cameras already make MPEG-4 AVI’s, but these files are not compatible with popular MPEG-4 codecs – DivX and XviD, so most of standalone players aren’t able to play these videos. With MP4Cam2AVI now your not-compliant video can be easily converted into a format usable with a standalone.

There are other two big advantages of this tool: it’s free and it can be used also without any installation. In fact, this is a full portable software, and can be run also from a USB key memory stick.

More informations on this tool can be found in sourceforge MP4Cam2AVI project website.

Source: Sourceforge