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Roxio Launches Roxio Copy & Convert 3 (Press Release)

Posted at 15 March 2007 15:57 CEST by geno888

Roxio® today launched Roxio Copy & Convert™ 3, the ultimate solution for quickly and easily managing, transferring, and enjoying digital entertainment on PCs, set-top players, or mobile devices. In addition to making high-quality copies of personal CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs, this next generation edition of Roxio’s Easy DVD Copy™ program now enables consumers to move their favorite movies and music to portable devices such as iPods®, PSPs™, and mobile phones. Roxio Copy & Convert 3 also adds greater file support, batch conversion capabilities, automatic music cataloging, and the ability to backup iPod music to any PC. Roxio Copy & Convert 3 is available today direct from Roxio at and will be widely available later this month throughout North American retail stores for a suggested price of $49.99.

Product Highlights:

Convert Anything
Roxio Copy & Convert easily translates the most popular audio and video formats today for playback on a portable device, PC or DVD player. Video format support includes DivX, WMV, H.264 (AVC), 3GP (mobile phone video), MPEG, TiVo, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DVR-MS (Windows Media Center TV) and DVD-Video. Supported audio formats include MP3, M4A (iTunes), WAV, WMA, AAC, OGG Vorbis, FLAC, Dolby Audio (AC3), audio CD, and audio on DVD-Video.

Portable Device Support
Roxio Copy & Convert makes it easy to fill your iPod, PSP, or Windows Media device with your favorite audio and video so you can take it with you, regardless of the source format. Supported audio and video files can also be converted to AAC, MP3, and 3GP for transfer to mobile phones. In addition, Copy & Convert now supports the backup of non-protected iPod audio to a PC even if the device is not paired with the hard disk.

Powerful Audio Ripping
There is no better way to build a music library than with Roxio Copy & Convert 3. Users with multiple disc drives can now rip audio CDs in parallel, making it extremely efficient to convert an entire music collection. Audio CDs are identified with both Gracenote CDDB and MusicID (audio fingerprinting), so even tracks on custom discs can be recognized and tagged appropriately. Tracks that have already been copied are automatically detected to prevent duplicates. Music on non-encrypted DVD-Videos can be ripped to hard disk and converted to any supported audio format or sent to a portable device. Ripped audio tracks are automatically named and added to an organized folder structure based on user-defined criteria such as title, artist, or album.

Advanced Disc Copying
Roxio Copy & Convert 3 includes comprehensive features for copying non-encrypted CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs. Advanced copy capabilities allow users to efficiently fit full-length DVD titles onto 4.7GB single-layer discs. Users can also move DVD-Video content to and from folders on their PC. In the case of audio CDs, Copy & Convert enables users to add CD text to audio CD copies even if the text is not included with the original.

Roxio Copy & Convert also features a Disc Image Loader for mounting disc image files as if they were physical discs in a drive, an ideal solution for users who want to work with several discs simultaneously without having to switch discs. For customers on the go who are using laptops, playback from Disc Image Loader conserves battery life since it uses less power than playback of a physical disc.

Organize and Search
Roxio Copy & Convert showcases Disc Gallery, a convenient tool for cataloging and indexing all of the files and folders on your CD and DVD discs. Once cataloged, the search function in Disc Gallery enables users to quickly find a particular file or folder without having to physically insert discs.

Roxio Copy & Convert also offers Roxio Label Creator, enabling the easy creation of disc labels and inserts. Label Creator automatically populates labels with information from the project, such as disc name, tracks, album, or artist. Users can also create labels with custom images, text, and shapes, and use the included alignment tools to customize their designs.


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