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HD DVD uses stats to claim victory over rival

Posted 07 September 2007 23:41 CET by Seán Byrne

In an aim for HD DVD to claim victory over Blu-ray, it has released statistics based on hardware sales (PC drive & standalone) and title sales per player rather than comparing retail disc sales between the formats as the Blu-ray rival does.  In these statistics, the HD DVD promotion group co-chairman, Ken Graffeo claims it is selling seven times more software titles per hardware unit than Blu-ray.  However, as the Blu-ray hardware units covers the PS3, it is worth noting that many PS3 owners have bought the console to only ever play games on, unlike HD DVD player buyers who specifically buy the player to play HD DVD video titles on.  Only one Blu-ray title is sold for every two PS3 consoles, while 4 HD DVD titles are sold for every HD DVD device sale, which gives a clear indication that many PS3 owners just play games on their console.

When the standalone player sales are compared, HD DVD claims to account for 70% of current standalone player sales in Europe.  However, when PS3 consoles are included in the statistics, this pushes Blu-ray to 94% of the market for high definition player players.  HD DVD currently accounts for 70% of the next generation PC drive market.

Other things HD DVD claimed include its players being more affordable at half the cost of Blu-ray players and that it will release another 90 titles in Europe this year.  This will take HD DVD’s title count to around 400 by the year end.  Finally, it announced that the Canadian company Venturer will release a standalone HD DVD player for under €300 by Christmas to compete more aggressively with Blu-ray.

MyCE Resident
Posted on: 08 Sep 07 01:29
Do I hear the nails driving into the Bluray coffin? Mwahahahaha, it is my master plan.
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CD Freaks Junior Member
Posted on: 08 Sep 07 11:31
Not true that PS3 users only use it for games. I've seen plenty of games for sale, by the reason that ppl only use the PS3 as a BD Player. Exactly what a PS3 is for imho. I wonder how many years Toshiba is gonna pay movie studios to support their lousy format. How big is their money pot ?.
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MyCE Resident
Posted on: 08 Sep 07 14:32
What a load of cr@p! So, on one hand, Toshiba claims that PS3 sales should not be counted and touts the fact that it sells more standalone players. On the other hand they get the number of PS3 consoles out there and claim that PS3 owners are purchasing less Blu-Ray titles than HD-DVD owners. Makes sense. NOT. :d
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MyCE Member
Posted on: 08 Sep 07 22:01
Agree, a load of crap. The sales are way bad for any format. To few titles and to expencive players. People will probably get a HDTV decoder for the HDTV they have. And get programing that way. It is much cheaper than buying a hd-dvd or blu-ray player. And if you use dvd, you can allways get a player who does UPSCALING on dvd titles. Reviews of that state the picture is great. So why bother with the new expencive formats plus the "format wars".
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MyCE Resident
Posted on: 10 Sep 07 01:55
The war is not over when one claims victory. It's over to me when one claims defeat.
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CD Freaks Senior Member
Posted on: 10 Sep 07 02:29
There is no comparison between an upscaled DVD and broadcast HDTV, let alone HD-DVD/Blueray. The HD version wins hands down, easily.
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No longer with us
Posted on: 10 Sep 07 07:34
Damn shaolin, you're a moron.
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MyCE Resident
Posted on: 10 Sep 07 13:03
They'res not going to be a winner. Eventually the price of dual-format players will come down and we'll be stuck with two formats. I really think they're both losers, because they want to have the next gen medium so they can get a little cut from every disc sold and patent rights on the all the players. However like the continuing changes to the blu-ray format and HDTV equipment the common person is skeptical to get into the HDTV market anyways. They stand to turn this into a laserdisc market where is only for the diehards, instead of DVD that stuck with the masses.
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New on Forum
Posted on: 10 Sep 07 16:36
This isn't going to foll anyone, and especially not the average consumer because they're happy with regular DVD, and of course, both camps are really shooting themselves in the foot.
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No longer with us
Posted on: 16 Sep 07 07:14
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