3D TVs coming to a home near you

Posted by Randomus

Even though 3D technology has progressed leaps and bounds over the past five years, there has been very little real-world implementation of 3D technology for home consumers.  Movie studios have shown interest in creating 3D movies for theaters, but because of the lack of 3D technology among consumers, interest has been stifled… for now.

The novelty technology has progressed, however, and more TV manufacturers have started creating 3D-ready televisions.  Samsung, Mitsubishi and Sony have 3D-ready TVs, and several other manufacturers have shown interest in creating the next-generation TVs.  Philips also is working on several different 3D TVs that will offer all the features of a regular HDTV, plus the ability to watch content in 3D.

Walt Disney, Warner Bros., and at least two other major movie studios are participants in the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, who are attempting to create a single standalone 3D format that can be used on any 3D-ready television.

The SMPTE is working on the first wave of 3D DVD and Blu-ray movies, and promises that all 3D content will be backwards compatible so it can be watched in regular 2D format.

According to published reports, SMPTE hopes to have the first set of 3D standards completed in the next two years.  Although not confirmed, it’s likely one of the main standards will be to have 3D technology that no longer require special glasses to get the full effect of the 3D environment.

Even though 3D is still a small portion of the movie industry, it is making money because the average ticket to see a 3D movie is $5 more than a regular 2D movie.

Expect 3D-ready TVs and movies to be more widely available once interested parties are able to finalize standards for the technology.  Until then, 3D will continue to progress, but will most likely not be available in our living rooms for a couple more years.