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Canadians using Videotron for filesharing – beware

Posted at 14 February 2004 05:53 CEST by Crabbyappleton
Several news sources are reporting that CRIA (Canadas RIAA) has jumped on the bandwagon and has begun to hunt down folks sharing copyrighted material. But this source posted on Slashdot is as good a take on the situation as I can find. CRIA has asked a number of Internet service providers to hand over information for customers it suspects of "egregious" uploading of music files. They are talking those with thousands of tracks in the shared folder ready for uploading. It's the same old song and dance from the label side, but what is different this time is the variety of stances to the CRIA request from the various ISP's on the subject. Read on. But at least one of those companies, Calgary-based Shaw Communications, says it intends to oppose the CRIA, citing new federal privacy laws that protect its customers. "Our customers' right to privacy is very dear to us," said Shaw Communications president Peter Bissonnette. Arguments in the case begin Monday at a federal court in Toronto. Working on behalf of major record labels, the CRIA is reportedly hunting for 29 Canadian customers from at least five different ISPs, including Shaw, Telus Corp., Rogers Cable, Bell Canada's Sympatico service and Quebec's Videotron. So far, Shaw is the only ISP to openly oppose the CRIA's request. The company provides high-speed Internet service to about 900,000 Canadians. Sympatico, Rogers and Telus want to inform their affected customers first and let those customers battle it out in court with the recording industry. Videotron has said it will not oppose the request. Videotron is in a unique position because its parent company, Quebecor, also sells music.  Videotron said it is concerned about copyright protection and considers file sharing to be "theft." "We've got to fight (file sharing) with all our energy so we will obey court orders -- and we will co-operate as much as we can and we enthusiastically support what the CRIA is doing," said executive vice-president Luc Lavoie told The Globe and Mail. Wow, I wonder if this Ol' Luc cat has a picture of Mitch Brainwol over his desk next to a picture of Dudley Doright. Quite a variety of reactions from these ISPs. Needless to say, those using Shaws service that have been actively filesharing are probably in better shape than the netizens on the Videotron narc-o-rama network. I just hope this information helps some folks before they are enthusiastically tattled on. The good news is if you have been sharing less than 2,000 tracks you are below the radar range at this point. Make sure if you are from Canada to take a few minutes and read the entire report. There is a lot of good information presented in a very consise manner. You are welcome to come back share your thoughts in the Music Downloads, P2P and Legal Issues Forum. Source: CTV

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