90-year-old woman accused of being Microsoft scammer

Posted 07 July 2017 17:03 CEST by Jan Willem Aldershoff

A 90-year-old woman from the Dutch city of Helmond has been accused of being behind the infamous Microsoft scam. The scammers call people on a massive scale and pretend to be Microsoft support employees. They claim there is a computer problem that they can solve.

The scammers spoofed the phone number of the 90-year-old, so victims called by the Microsoft scammers saw her phone number in their caller-ID display.

“Research has shown that the scammers can use any random phone number,” the Dutch police writes on on Facebook.

In this case the scammers used the phone number of the 90-year-old woman who was quickly falsely identified as being behind the scam on the internet. The elderly woman  suffered a lot of nuisance because angry victims found her address as connected to the phone number.

The Dutch police stresses that people should share their information with the police and shouldn’t investigate on their own to prevent people from being falsely accused.

In case of the 90 year old, the woman didn’t even have a computer. She will press charges for identity fraud.

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