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DVD Decrypter is not back!

Posted 18 June 2005 13:54 CET by nOBeLium

aradian,pottz and Shoebedobedoo used our news submit to tell us that DVD Decrypter was back. We would like to inform our visitors that the story is, in fact, false. DVD Decrypter is not back and please refrain donating to the scam author. Other forums and news websites have been across this problems lately, like or ZeroPaid. Someone is registering on forums with LIGHTNING_UK! nick, posting this story and collecting money from users. Please remember this is a scam and access to the website - hosted on - should be avoided. This is the text posted at the fraudulent website: I just would like to spread the word and let everyone know, you can now find DVD Decrypter at: <removed>. After a lot of hard work, I've brought the website back! The bad news is I lost all my programers which means until I find a new team I will only provide version for download. If you have programming skills please e-mail me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!! I"m looking for a wide range of people including reverse engineer, C++, C+ or anyone who knows how to update and maintain software programs!! If you have these skills, Please contact me immediately at: and please know you will work out of the kindness of your heart as I can not pay you unless someone wants me to add a "Donate NOW" link to the web page! As you also know, I have lost rights to the domain name of: I hope to set up a "Donate Now" link to get donations for a new domain or new host, what ever I can afford! I also had to redo the logo in the top left corner. I even lost the forum as well so it will be a while for me to redo the new one and you will have to reregister. It took a lot of time to get this site back up, and it would be nice if someone could help me find a new development team and more places to host DVD Decrypter for download! We would like to remind our visitors to disable the Auto Update feature of DVD Decrypter. Also, if DVD Decrypter will ever be back, we will be among the first to tell you this. There are other free tools, like the recently renamed DVDFab Decrypter, which you can discuss in our Copy DVD Movie Forum . Update: it seems that I missed LIGHTNING_UK!'s post in our CD Freaks Club: Just to point out/clear something up.... LIGHTNING UK!! IS a fake.Tsk tsk tsk!Whilst I appreciate you were probably only trying to help, you could well be making things worse. Macrovision and their solicitors DO read forums you know - especially now - waiting for me to slip up and breech my agreement Nothing you've said makes sense. Why would I suddenly ask for help programming when I've been fine on my own for the past 5 years?! Why would I have uploaded an old copy of the website - complete with missing graphics, poor alignment etc? Anyone that knows of me and my work would know it's not in my nature to let such things go unnoticed!All you've done is added to an already massive list of places hosting my program. Did anyone need that? Certainly not. Source: CD Freaks
MyCE Resident
Posted on: 18 Jun 05 12:51
What a moron! Saw this about a week ago, guess I should have sent it in.
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MyCE Resident
Posted on: 18 Jun 05 14:00
I don't usually wish bad things to people, but, if this moron ends up getting the REAL Lightning UK! in trouble as a result of this BS, well, let's just say I'd wish very bad things to happen to them. Scamming people is bad enough, but, this is truly ridiculous. Unfortunately, tons of websites are reporting this crap as fact when we all know it's a scam. Users reading the sites posting it as fact will not know the truth and fall victim to this nonsense. Common sense would tell you how stupid this guy is. Gee, Lightning UK! developed DVDD with no help from anyone except maybe the CSS cracking code, and suddenly he needs a reverse engineering team? And what the HELL is C+? I've been a developer for over 10 years and I know C++ inside and out, but, C+? God help this fool...
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CD Freaks Die Hard
Posted on: 18 Jun 05 15:31
I did see this site by I thort it looked abit iffy. Was right VH////
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Posted on: 18 Jun 05 19:52
First of all he's from the UK, homeland of scams...... So to that bloody tosser I hope you trip your bloody bollocks down some flight of stairs and lose all of your scamming money you f****ing wanker. And to the MORONS who send money to something that was otherwise free, you are just as bad as the scammer you bloody arse bandits...... Ouch! My virgin ears - foul language modified
[edited by Crabbyappleton on 19.06.2005 00:43]
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New on Forum
Posted on: 18 Jun 05 19:59
Just a heads-up... The page (below) is not affiliated in any way with those scams, nor is there any request for donations, etc. The page is just there as a convenience to the DVD ripping community. Jake -- Webmaster
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G_Ivan Awfulitch
MyCE Resident
Posted on: 18 Jun 05 20:23
Get a rope!!!!!!!!
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Posted on: 18 Jun 05 21:45
Registering with LIGHTNING_UK!! username isn't that smart. Smart would be removing that website for a start.
[edited by nOBeLium on 18.06.2005 23:49]
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Waiting on Activation
Posted on: 21 Jun 05 21:34
Originally Posted by Rimmer66
he's from the UK, homeland of scams......
Don't you mean Nigeria? :B
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