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DVD piracy blamed for video shop rental fall

Posted at 31 August 2005 20:48 CET by VirusHack
UK DVD rental companies have started to worry after they see a 10.6% drop in rentals. But they also admit that a lack of Hollywood blockbusters hasn't helped. VIDEO shop owner Home Entertainment has expressed alarm at the flood of counterfeit DVDs into the UK, which has weakened demand for film rentals. The owner of the Choices chain of video stores said it was suffering from the activities of criminal gangs who use illegal immigrants to hawk the discs around pubs and restaurants.I have never rented a DVD because the prices of DVDs are so low now, I just buy them and hang on to them rather than returning them 24 hours later. There are alot of people out there that rent DVDs on a regular bases, but they seem to dwarfed by the amount of people buying bootleg DVDs. You can read the full story here. Source:

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Hurricane Andrew
MyCE Senior Member
Posted on: 31 Aug 05 21:12
    That's funny, I thought it was the same thing causing lower theater ticket revenue: lousy movies. :r
    New on Forum
    Posted on: 31 Aug 05 22:30
      Funny. My video rental company must be making more money from all the movies I rent to back up
      CDFreaks Resident
      Posted on: 31 Aug 05 22:44
        I m not sure what the nature of the business is, but suppose they suffer due to growing on-line renting. An on-line store can offer 30000 or so items at once. All in all renting should be growing - there are too many people tired of warnings and screeners and menues on purchased dvds. Besides, the latest mpaa campains should help people rent instead of downloading. Decrypt and Shrink 4ever!
        CD Freaks Senior Member
        Posted on: 31 Aug 05 23:48
          Ah, the wonderful world of numbers, they can be made to say anything, if you apply the right filters! But alas, it is a shame, these babies can't walk my dog on these early spring days downunder :c
          MyCE Senior Member
          Posted on: 01 Sep 05 00:22
            WELL @£3.95 PER RENTAL what do they expect screw em long live on line rentals
            MyCE Senior Member
            Posted on: 01 Sep 05 00:49
              Seems piracy is hte answer to everyone's problem with not making enough money. I wonder when they are actually going ot get their heads outta their asses and realize that the public does not want to watch the tripe that has been released, and that we want the media the oin our terms, be it online rentals, live streaming video, or concurrent download. How many of us really want to spend time in a store with some annoying brats crying and making a fuss when I can point and click online with my 10mbit connection and purchase my video NOW and start downloading it NOW!
              New on Forum
              Posted on: 01 Sep 05 04:06
                now with the current gas prices and less people driving, the OIL industry might as well come along and say Piracy might be the cause if people stop driving. It seems that Piracy is the answer to everyones lack for everything. anyway:g
                CDFreaks Resident
                Posted on: 01 Sep 05 04:50
                  ...and while we are at it McDonald will issue a press release saying their food is crap because all good beef is pirated to China :B
                  MyCE Resident
                  Posted on: 01 Sep 05 06:04
                    i went out about a month ago to rent a copy of apollo 13. I looked everywhere, and every damn place had the exact same crap. Blockbuster, rogers video, crazy mikes, the mom and pop kinda stores. No one had a copy, I gave the renting world one more chance, and they fell through. So I drove to future shop and bought the damned dvd. Selection is so bad it drives me nuts. They just have lots and lots of copies of the same movie that just came out on dvd. There aren't that many new movies that i didn't see in the theatre, (or didn't hypothecially download in advance), or don't give a crap about seeing. I wish someone would start carrying a backlog of dvd's. I did like the fact you could rent out tv shows, but again the selection of that was small, and the rent out the tv shows on a per disc basis. So if the show is on 6 discs, and its 5 bux a rental, its 30 bux to rent the whole thing. Screw that when its only 45.99 to buy.
                    CD Freaks Senior Member
                    Posted on: 01 Sep 05 11:43
                      Dept stores here are selling a lot of older classics and even some of the newer "bombs" for under ten bucks. As overnight is 3-5 it's sometimes better value to buy. I guess piracy is a big enough bandwagon for everyone to jump on....:X
                      MyCE Resident
                      Posted on: 01 Sep 05 12:48
                        This is like blaming car thieves for falling car sales! The rental companies even admit a lack of 'blockbuster' films isn't helping, so that does suggest the current crop of film to DVD releases are not selling as well as expected, so they ignore that fact and blame Piracy instead. I buy all my DVD's from, when I can save about £5 to £10 a disc over high street prices there's no need for me to rent them as I can own the original for about the cost of a couple of weeks rental, but they're not interested in facts like this they just want to blame Piracy again! I wonder what the royalties are on the 'Let's blame Piracy' record as the MPAA/RIAA seem to keep playing this same record over and over too?
                        New on Forum
                        Posted on: 01 Sep 05 12:56
                          Priacy......... the cause AND solution to all of life's problems.:S
                          CD Freaks Junior Member
                          Posted on: 01 Sep 05 13:50
                            5 years back I could rent a day-movie (that just came out) for 7,50 Old Dutch Guilders. When I now rent a day-movie it's 7,50 Euro. So when I recalculate 7,50x2,20 (1 Euro ist 2,20 Old Dutch guilders) I have to pay: 16.50 Old Dutch Guilders. Stopped a year ago to rent movies because of this, not to mention the crap that Hollywood releases. Let's see .... hmmmm .... where is my P2P proggie...........:d
                            New on Forum
                            Posted on: 01 Sep 05 16:27
                              I haven't crapped for day! Must be the pirates fault!:c
                              Phoenix '97
                              CD Freaks Member
                              Posted on: 02 Sep 05 04:26
                                We seem to have it easy here (Manitoba, Canada). A local video store offers 99 cent rentals on Thursdays - return time is 1 day for new releases, 7 days for older movies. Even at those prices I don't find myself renting much. In fact I haven't done any since I was experimenting with DVD movie -> CD a few years back. I'm just not much of a movie person - I get entertained by the Internet and PC games.
                                New on Forum
                                Posted on: 03 Sep 05 20:55
                                  Hey Blockbuster, i'll start renting your movies again if you check your goddamn disks for scratches! Add that to not having many good movies out these days and Video Stores wonder why they are losing business, but then again it's the trend these days to blame everything on piracy. Global Warming? Must be those goddamn Pirates!
                                  CD Freaks Senior Member
                                  Posted on: 04 Sep 05 05:00
                                    Katrina ....... Pirates

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