Do lawsuits lower piracy?

Posted 31 December 2006 02:54 CEST by Quema34

A CDFreaks member named platinumsword found this article about German attempts to curb piracy through increased prosecution.  However, what does a brief perusal of CDFreaks articles on the RIAA/MPAA/IFPI's lawsuits tell you?  These lawsuits are largely ineffective and generally a waste of time, as they tend to target the 'small fry' in the pond, not the big fish causing the problems.  P2P continues to be used because there are few legal, online options that offer a large selection of non-DRM content.  The only other thing an increase in lawsuits shows is how hell-bent the industry is on not changing, because it doesn't want to lose its cash cow by not having DRM to control content. Just as people in the U.S. have historically 'hidden' their money from the 'axe' during times of increased taxes and spent more at times of lower taxes, it is safe to extend this same parallel to the phenomenon of P2P use:  if the product is made far more widely accessible (increasing supply) at a lower, more reasonable price (and with no DRM), then people will buy more singles and download more entire CDs legally.  Until the industry understands this and changes, expect P2P use to remain high and for 'piracy' to continue largely unabated.

MyCE Senior Member
Posted on: 31 Dec 06 19:40
lower the prices, we know they can. Why should we have to pay upwards of 30 bux for a new dvd, when China gets them for 2! If fighting piracy was their concern they would lower the prices of their products worldwide, not just in a single hotspot. All they care about is profits, and will bitch and moan to hide their true intentions.
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MyCE Resident
Posted on: 01 Jan 07 03:22
We know they can lower their prices, especially when the raw cost of recording the CD/DVD is only $1 (especially when we as consumers can get quality DVD media for 50 cents/ea. and a jewel case for 50 cents...come on!) We know it's sad and greedy, but the problem is the average consumer doesn't. That is the truest of tragedies. :c
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New on Forum
Posted on: 03 Jan 07 16:33
As we all know, even when the individual’s life is threatened, as in a wartime espionage mission, people will do what they feel is moral/just. They might hide their true allegiance, but when the opportunity presents itself, the motivation to correct an injustice reigns highest. “Intellectual Property Rights [IPR]”, “Patents” and such demands for perpetual income are usually strung along a finely balanced demarcation in which morality is seldom called upon to judge. Especially when theives, corrputed, damaged and unbalanced personalities are driving the issue along the amoralised commercial highway. Coveting others’ propety [like money] whilst giving junk in return through psychologically manipulated advertisements [i.e to fashionised] is as much a criminal act as stealing others’ morally structured IPR. The pricing of an item is only one influencing factor towards its valuation. Curiosity is another but the feeling of satisfaction, which is another word for the sense of injustice, offers the strongest motivation. As in buying expensive semi-junk software or seeing monopoly at work. When a whore “advertises” its wares, is that a commercial proposition or it is a moral issue. To a pimp/whore, there is only one issue. The right to survive, regardless. When something is commercialised, there can be no such thing as morality. There is only the excuse of the right to survive. Commercialisation is merely perfuming the whore as a lovely, fragrant flower. How topsy-turvy it is when the immoral junk of humanity, masquerading as amorality [there is no such a thing], demands morality from others. When the licentiousness of a prositute is wagged in front of a similarly damaged customer, that is their business, but such activities have no place when Innocence is required [especially within the realms of those practising “religions”, which is the fashion of being “holy”]. As such, the greed and corruption that is IPR/crap patents/etc, do have the right to their own den of theivery but to bring them onto the unwary masses using the corruptive influcence of junk/fashion advertising [is there any other type], that must be exposed. But not when thieves are also running a government. Democracy might allow immorality a hearing but true democracy is about being moral, not the right to abandon sensibilty. Similarly, there can be no freedom when maturity [not the maturity of being able to copulate or corrupt] is absent. The freedom within democracy is about the maturity of being moral. Not the right to seek out whores or become thieves through the exhortation of grabbing others’ properties using the fashion of nationalism. Something called Demoncrazy.
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