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Dual-layer DVD+R discs launch in Japan for ¥1,500 this month

Posted at 01 June 2004 04:17 CET by Crabbyappleton
I figured you would click that headline, unless unlike me, you already knew that meant US$ 13.30 cents.  At which point, maybe you would have been frantically reaching for your chair to set down and re-evaluate your last raise. Of course in Japan, things are more expensive anyway I guess. Can you imagine the puzzled looks on shoppers faces in Singapore, Russia or Peoria, Illinois if they saw those prices for a blank disc?   So let's see what the DL media goes for once it is released around the rest of the planet. We know also, that in short order, these prices will drop considerably as supply catches up with demand. But at 10 to 20 times the cost of single layer DVD writable, it's going to take some time to get us holding one of each and scratching our head as to which one we want to pick up at the store. The first dual-layer DVD+R recording media are set to go on sale in Japan at the end of this month and overseas in June, disc maker Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Co. Ltd. said last Friday.The discs were developed jointly by Mitsubishi Kagaku, which uses the Verbatim brand-name, and Koninklijke Philips Electronics NV and offer 8.5G bytes of recording space compared to the 4.7G bytes of space available on a standard DVD+R disc.They will cost around Â¥1,500 (US$ 13.30) per disc in Japan, said a spokeswoman for the company. What the heck, who knows? If you have a dual layer drive, odds are, you won't be able to resist buying a dozen or so. OK, you know you will buy maybe one disc for now and then wait and see if the price drops. Source: IDG

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Posted on: 01 Jun 04 04:30
    WHAT 1500 Dollars for DVD+R DL! :r
    Posted on: 01 Jun 04 04:33
      Just kidding 13 Dollars is not bad price for a burner. The Media has to come To 2 Dollars/Euro's A Peice For it to Become anyway Reasonable :g
      New on Forum
      Posted on: 01 Jun 04 05:18
        I don't know about anyone else, but I am not at all anxious to burn a 13 dollar coaster...
        CD Freaks Senior Member
        Posted on: 01 Jun 04 06:29
          as been stated before remember cdr's started at 30 bucks a pop so think about that coaster. Remember newer technology is always more expenisve. Cell phones back in the day cost more then 10 cents a minute. Get used to buisness
          Posted on: 01 Jun 04 08:01
            cell phones...they cost about 10 cents a minute at peak times now
            Mad Burner
            Waiting on Activation
            Posted on: 01 Jun 04 08:23
              Cell phones used to cost around a dollar USD per minute back in the day!!
              New on Forum
              Posted on: 01 Jun 04 09:32
                I understand that the price will drop, but it will have to come down a LONG ways for me to consider buying more than a couple. Even at 5 dollars I would literally sh!t if I burned a coaster! :r
                CDFreaks Resident
                Posted on: 01 Jun 04 10:48
                  I'm sorry but off topic and i just have to laugh at the guys moaning about 10 cents a minute peak calls. Here in the Uk it's 1 dollar a minute peak time. Man i wish i lived in US/Canada :g
                  [edited by hburrows83 on 01.06.2004 10:49]
                  New on Forum
                  Posted on: 01 Jun 04 11:36
                    13 dollari??!! Sticazzi!!
                    MyCE Resident
                    Posted on: 01 Jun 04 11:53
                      - 13$ like a box of 25 Verbatim !?? - For a Shitty DVD+R9 - i'm wait Settember for the DVD-R9 from Piooner :r ( @ maxfirenze ..... Veramente cazzi acidi sti prezzi !!! )
                      CD Freaks Senior Member
                      Posted on: 01 Jun 04 12:01
                        Couple the high initial DL media prices with sloow burn times and u you have very litte incentive to go nutso. All IMO, of course They are milking the early adopter niche, as is to be expected at this stage of the game. Production will pick up and prices will drop, but I doubt they'll be reasonable within 6 months.
                        CD Freaks Member
                        Posted on: 01 Jun 04 12:12
                          DVD-R9 will be crap unless the DVD-Forum will offer bitsetting capabilities. Bitsetting or at least the "DVD-ROM"-flag is a must feature for DL-discs. But this is improbably since the DVD-Forum is very conservatively.
                          MyCE Senior Member
                          Posted on: 01 Jun 04 16:07
                            And why should they add the bitsetting ability to DVD- ? DVD+ had to add that as their disks are as incompatible as that can be ! So they need that and tricks like DVD Alliance used to play with their customers (remember that how 1st generation DVD+RW drives were able to write the DVD+R disks with their "PROMISED" firmware upgrade... still waiting for that promise to be true, yeah):r DVD Alliance is a group that I do not wanna spend a buck on, so I do not care how crap you call the DVD- DL, that is surely the format I (and many of us I think) will choose. regards, Stephen
                            CD Freaks Member
                            Posted on: 01 Jun 04 16:54
                              No, that's not right. The compatibility of DVD-R on older drivers is higher, because of the earlier invention of the DVD-R format. In the past lots of DVD-Player manufactures wrote their firmware in a way, which simply rejected the DVD+R format. This have only been marketing practice. A drive, which is technically able to read the DVD-R format is also able to read DVD+R. As I said, this only depends on the firmware. That's why the DVD+RW alliance offered bitsetting features to bypass the disadvantages forced by the DVD forum. So if you have older standalone DVD-Players which will not recognize the "DVD+R9"-flag and "DVD-R9"-flag you have to use bitsetting or at least a "DVD-ROM"-flag by default. Hopefully the DVD forum will also offer this option like the DVD+RW alliance or otherwise compatibility will be poor. P.S.: I don't want to start a flamewar with this post. I just want to point out the facts.
                              MyCE Senior Member
                              Posted on: 02 Jun 04 00:52
                                Facts ? Fact is that the old drive we bought many years ago from Ricoh is now under my desk, and we cannot do anything with it. Guess which alliance made it ? Right, it's DVD+. No matter how they act, they lied ONCE and will lie again. The fact is that, if you examine the standards carefully that DVD- is (especially) suggested for DVD VIDEO while DVD+ for DATA. (of course both can be used for anything in reality) "+" has its advantages over the "-" format, BUT their manufacturers and development teams are just a team that want to get much more money, and want us to pay twice for a product that they "develop". As far as I know, the oldest "-" writer still can produce a disk that is READABLE in any drive without a hitch, while as said the older DVD+RW drives are now just history, of course for some thousands bucks. Great job, but I won't support that kind of "development" which costs so much for the avarage user. regards, Stephen
                                CD News Freak
                                Posted on: 02 Jun 04 13:51
                         know the solution, don't use a mobile phone...!
                                  CD Freaks Member
                                  Posted on: 02 Jun 04 14:03
                                    I can understand your attitude against the DVD+RW alliance, because of your experience with the old DVD+RW only drive. Maybe I would react the same, if I had bought such a drive. But on the other hand we would still have slow DVD-R/RW drives without the DVD+RW alliance. Not to speak about DL funcionality. Features like highspeed- and doublelayer-recording have never been intended by the DVD forum. They have always just reacted on the inventions the DVD+RW alliance published. I think that the competition between the DVD forum and the DVD+RW alliance is a real benefit for consumers. However that may be, it is clear that money making is the incentive of the industry. I think we should leave this offtopic discussion alone. Alright!? Bye, Frittenbude

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