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Easily measure the quality of your CD-Rs – easy C1/C2 detection

Posted at 23 December 2002 15:45 CEST by DoMiN8ToR
Life of a CD-R isn't always fun, sometimes he is left alone in the hot sun, scratched by children or left alone dusted in a closet. Because of this the CD-R will feel alone and empty and will start to contain errors. Fortunately a CD player is able to correct these errors. The CD works with a special system that makes it possible to still keep reading them altough it contains errors.Simply said these errors are corrected by the CD player and have two gradations, C1 and C2 errors. C1 errors are on most discs and can be easily recovered, however the amount of C2 errors should be as low as possible. Till now the only tool to measure this was the leaked internal Lite-On WSES software. This tool only worked on a Lite-On based drive. Now CDRLabs is reporting that a new tool called CD-Doctor is able to do the same for more drives. The software was till now only available Japanese, but has been kindly translated.Summary:CD Doctor is a program for measuring errors on a Sanyo CRD-BP1700P CD-R/RW drive. Because CD Doctor is not dedicated measurement equipment, please use it as a gauge of performance rather than an absolute measurement.Development environment:If your environment is the same as the author's, CD Doctor should work as intended.OS Windows 2000 Professional SP3 (Japanese version)ASPI Adaptec ASPI Version 4.60M/B ABIT BX6-2.0IDE1 master IBM IC35L060AVVA07-0slave emptyIDE2 master emptyslave CRD-BP1700P 1.05Reports of successful use have also been received for the following drives:SANYO CRD-RW2SANYO CRD-BP2SANYO CRD-BP4SANYO CRD-BP5SANYO CRD-BP900PSANYO CRD-BP1500PSANYO CRD-BP1700PLite-On LTR-16102BLite-On LTR-24102BLite-On LTR-32123S - read error reported with Nero ASPILite-On LTR-40125S (genuine)Lite-On LTR-40125S (4KUS CDR-5W32 version)Lite-On LTR-48125W (4KUS CDR-5W32 version)Lite-On LTR-48246SLite-On LTR-52246S (CDR-6S48 version)Lite-On LTR-52486SLite-On CDR-6S48Memorex 48MAXXMemorex 52MAXXAdditional from our forum thanks to Idiot@Ace:BP1600Philips 40XPhilips 48XMore information about this tool can be found on the forum of CDRlabs here. C1/C2 measurement is also used in our reviews to measure the quality of a written CD-R. More information about C1/C2 error correction and how it can be usefull to you can be found here.Also on our forum there is a thread running about this software. You can find it here.Source:

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