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LabelFlash vs LightScribe

Posted at 29 December 2006 15:59 CEST by geno888
The next generation Hi Definition formats Blu-ray and HD-DVD are not the only contendents in optical media market. In fact, there is also a, maybe more silent, "war" between the two main labeling technologies currently available: LabelFlash and LightScribe.According to a news published at Digitimes, Pioneer is relaunching the LabelFlash technology to counteract Lightscribe's disc labeling system with its DVR-A12J, a 18x DVD Dual burner recently released in Japan.Because of results of both systems are basically comparable, according the article published at Digitimes:the wide acceptance of either format will depend on prices of their respective DVD discs. As Fujifilm and Yamaha have offered lower royalty charges for large-scale production of LabelFlash DVD discs, the technology stands a chance of surpassing LightScribe.Again, end-consumers are faced to the same problem: too many similar products to choose because of patent problems...  

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Sebastian Mares
No longer with us
Posted on: 29 Dec 06 21:10
    I think LightScribe is far more popular than Label Flash simply because a lot more burners support it and there is also a large variety of media certified for LightScribe labeling. Not only does Label Flash work with DVD blanks only, but as far as I know, only FujiFilm media has a Label Flash surface. On the other hand, Label Flash has the advantage that text or picture can be written to the data side of a blank DVD.
    Jim Kiler
    MyCE Member
    Posted on: 29 Dec 06 21:36
      LabelFlash was shown to be higher contrast and easier to look at than Lightscribe. I have a lightscribe burner and they created a higher contrast utility which might now rival labelflash. I like lightscribe and would have gotten label flash if there were burners and discs which there were (and are not) readily available. Hope the next gen formats use one of these label side systems.
      MyCE Resident
      Posted on: 29 Dec 06 22:38
        As both of these technologies are far inferior in appearance to inkjet printables, they need to cost LESS than inkjet, not more.
        CDFreaks Resident
        Posted on: 29 Dec 06 23:35
          Would be more accurate to say "Pio is not dropping labelflash yet.." ... as I'm still looking for LF media to come to Canada. Maybe there will be some as they lower royalties.
          CDFreaks Resident
          Posted on: 01 Jan 07 01:11
            >>Pioneer is relaunching the LabelFlash technology Pioneer drives use same chips as NEC drives. So NEC LabelFlash in Pioneer burner is not a big deal :S
            Jim Kiler
            MyCE Member
            Posted on: 01 Jan 07 07:25
              I would say lightscribe is cheaper than inkjet discs once you factor in the price of overpriced marked up ink jet refills needed. I bought a laser printer and will never go inkjet again, it is a waste of money for me.
              No longer with us
              Posted on: 24 Mar 07 13:15
                Does anyone know what label design software labelflash uses?
                No longer with us
                Posted on: 25 Feb 09 04:44
                  Do you know if you can use lightscribe discs to burn on if you have a labelflash burner?

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