New copy protection on DVD movies discovered, and beaten

Posted 02 June 2004 23:39 CEST by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Monty Burns, an user of our forum has reported that there is a new protection on DVD movies. The protection is different from the already widely used Content Scrambling System (CSS) protection that encrypts the data on the DVD and requires a key to decrypt the files. The CSS protection prevents users from copying the data from a DVD using e.g. the Windows explorer. Only licensed DVD playing software is able to decrypt the CSS protected files. Of course, as with all protections, it has been cracked and now also other software such as AnyDVD and DVD Decrypter are able to decrypt the files to enable users to make a backup. This new copy protection, however, has nothing to do with encrypted files and is reported to be using a ring of unreadable sectors. The CSS protection is not on these discs and the ring is the only method of protection. The appearance of the new protection has also been confirmed by Olli (Oliver Kastl, original author of CloneCD and CloneDVD) and according to him an updated version of Slysofts AnyDVD will be able to beat it. Also leaving out the first chapter of the main title with e.g. CloneDVD seems to be an option to trick the protection. Although the protection is in it's current stage easily beaten, it could become tougher to beat when it gets improved. Currently unreadable sectors are widely used in game CD copy protections and they have improved a lot over the years and are harder and harder to copy.Read more in our forum thread. The protection has no name yet, we are taking suggestions. Source: Club CD Freaks

CD Freaks Member
Posted on: 02 Jun 04 21:50
when will these bastards learn? ANY protection you try to pass is going to be defeated.... end of story..:X
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MyCE Junior Member
Posted on: 03 Jun 04 01:26
When will they learn that we should have a fair right to backup our property that we buy if we feel like it.
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CD Freaks Junior Member
Posted on: 03 Jun 04 03:30
someone's gonna break the lcok and someone's gonna come up with a new thing. u know the story
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MyCE Resident
Posted on: 03 Jun 04 05:20
Obviously if something like a standalone DVD player can read the media, then it can be copied.. Let them keep wasting their money on this non-sense..
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CD Freaks Member
Posted on: 03 Jun 04 11:25
I thought it was illegal to sell "defective" discs? Despite the right customers have to make a private copy, they break another rule. Discs with copy protections, bad sectors,.. are not according to CD/DVD spec and thus cannot be sold as a "DVD" or "audio CD".
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MyCE Resident
Posted on: 03 Jun 04 21:47
Big deal. Worst case, just use IFOEDIT and copy it in movie only mode (or any other reauthoring tool). Wonder what would happen if you did a normal copy and then used the old stop-title or chapter number trick on the standalone player?
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CD Freaks Member
Posted on: 03 Jun 04 21:48
of course, macrovision and sunncomm are foaming at the mouth trying to peddle their wares to the clueless record labels.... and we always know how that turns out.:X
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No longer with us
Posted on: 27 Oct 07 11:53
hello all, please help me copy a dvd. i have nero6 but says protected. I reeaally want this movie copied for my own private copy. thanks. btw dvd is Peaceful Warrior
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