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Norton Ghost 2003: Backup, check, explore and restore

Posted at 21 July 2004 05:40 CET by Crabbyappleton
How many of us are software junkies? How many times have you needed to throw in the towel and perform a fresh install after you really hosed your system good? But, you didn't, because of the mind numbing task that you knew lay ahead. So, you spent hours thrashing around the registry kicking out all the bad blood. But then, about 2 weeks later when you got sick of all the annoying, "mysterious" crashes, you went ahead and began contemplating the unthinkable, the dreaded, fresh or "clean" install. Now, let's be honest, each time that happened, didn't you make yourself a promise, a promise that goes something like this? "Now that I have finally figured out all the proggies I need to create the worlds most powerful desktop system; I promise, that after I finish my clean install and put in my earth shattering selection of essential programs and utilities, I will be good and quit trying 15 Beta programs a week and causing my system to run like a turtle with a broken leg or worse yet, lock up incessantly." Fast forward a feverish two hours later: You have just completed the new installation and a strange thing happens, yes, boredom sets in!  So, the first thing we do is what? Yes! You invoke your Internet browser. Then you realise much to your own horror, that the pact you made to yourself will soon be broken once again. However, your Internet connection has never seemed faster and fortunately, the thought passes quickly.  Hmmm, a new version of Nero 6 is out on the Ahead FTP server!  Let's see,, with no changelog, that's odd. Uh-huh, came out about 10 minutes ago, that sounds interesting, whoa, 50 megs. Yesssss, come to papa! Well, maybe now would be a good time to use one of those CD or DVD disks, you know, the cheap 650 meg to 4.7 gigabyte ones, to store this pristeen environment for the future with a drive imaging program. Forum moderator Womble recently had to perform a re-installation. When he was done, he was good enough to put forth the extra effort of creating a step-by-step guide, complete with screenshots and suggestions for using Norton Ghost 2003. Norton Ghost 2003: Overview Norton Ghost is a tool which allows you to backup your entire hard drive or partitions on your hard drive in-case something goes wrong with them at a later date. You can do this to a second hard drive, a number or CD's or a DVD.Before Norton Ghost 2003 you had to have knowledge of DOS commands to be able to successfully backup your drive. Now there is a nice new shiny front end that will do all of the hard work for you. All you know have to tell it is what you want to backup and to where. Below is a guide running through the basic steps of backing up a drive in Norton Ghost 2003 followed by doing an Image Integrity Check. After that I will run through the Ghost Explorer program so that you can view the files inside your image and finish up with Restoring your image back onto your hard drive. Take a minute and head on over to the Software Forum where Womble has put together this guide. Who knows? Maybe you will decide to do like he did and create an image, just in case you can't resist the urge to try out some more shareware or Beta software. Thanks Womble, for taking the time to show us how this program works! We sure appreciate it. Source: The Club at CD Freaks

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Author of D-Tools Add-on Utilities
Posted on: 21 Jul 04 07:14
    Great tutorial, thanks!
    CD Freaks Senior Member
    Posted on: 21 Jul 04 07:45
      I thought about Ghosting my fresh install, but then realized, it wouldn't really save me any time. Drivers and software are constantly being updated, so as soon as I finished restoring, I'd have to update everything. Which is going to take as long as just installing them fresh, and fresh installs have fewer conflicts than upgrades. I guess it'd be good for most people, just not for me.
      New on Forum
      Posted on: 21 Jul 04 08:19
        There is a certain bug in Ghost 2003.. It cannot identify SATA drives correctly. For Sata You'll need to revert to Ghost 2002 or earlier. It's still the best disk imaging program out there..
        MyCE Senior Member
        Posted on: 21 Jul 04 08:22
          N Ghost has been a saving grace in all my pc activities since 2001......changed my entire pc experience & releived a ton of fear of bad installs, virus's, crashs, driver changes & os installs.
          Mad Burner
          Waiting on Activation
          Posted on: 21 Jul 04 08:35
            What do you mean exactly "It cannot identify SATA drives correctly?" I just ran Norton Ghost 2003 and it did recognize my WD SATA drive. Is there anything that I should be aware of? MB
            CDFreaks Resident
            Posted on: 21 Jul 04 10:33
              I always take a Ghost Image of a freshly installed & configured PC. It has saved a lot of my time. I still use Ghost 2002. But, one thing bugs me. I cannot copy Ghost Image CDs burnt from Ghost 2002 with any copy software; be it CloneCD or Alcohol. The Ghost burnt CD has lot of errors both yellow & red. But, when used from Ghost to restore it just works fine.
              [edited by TerminatorShawn on 21.07.2004 10:34]
              CD Freaks Junior Member
              Posted on: 21 Jul 04 11:39
                In the good old days Ghost was the best there was. A few years ago i discovered True Image from Acronis and since then i have never looked back. It will let you do backups and restores without hassle from a boot CD that looks like a pure windows, you can also do backups without the boot CD. You can create incremental images and when mounting them, just like Alcohol you just right click the image, you can choose wich version to mount. Great network support out of the box, handles my firewire drives without a hitch. Have a look, i'm sure you will be just as pleasently surprised as i was.
                New on Forum
                Posted on: 21 Jul 04 12:46
                  I always used Ghost, even when it was just called Ghost from Binary Research Limited 6 years ago. I tryed that Acronis True image only to find that it does not see my RAID as a single drive as it shoud but as 2 seperate drives. So I stayed with Ghost.
                  CD Freaks Member
                  Posted on: 21 Jul 04 14:13
                    "Now that I have finally figured out all the proggies I need to create the worlds most poweful desktop system; I promise, that after I finish my clean install and put in my earth shattering selection of essential programs and utilities, I will be good and quit trying 15 Beta programs a week and causing my system to run like a turtle with a broken leg or worse yet lock up incessantly." Damn, that sounds familiar I do have a "ghosted" image on a DVD now of XP and all my important programs for a quick re-install.
                    MyCE Member
                    Posted on: 21 Jul 04 15:38
                      Partiton Saving is free. You just need a DOS floppy and a FAT32 partiton to save the images to. I have a partition set up to hold images so I can have backups at multiple stages of the system setup. That way, I can restore everything or just the base OS install. Savepart doesn't have the fancy GUI of GHOST but it's very small. I stopped using GHOST when it had problems recognizing some partiton setups and locked up with some drive models.
                      CD Freaks Senior Member
                      Posted on: 21 Jul 04 16:44
                        I ran into a problem, which may be SATA related. I have a SATA as my boot drive, and I was trying to clone another hard drive to a new drive. Ghost rebooted my system so that it could run in "DOS" mode, and it would never finish loading. It'd just sit there on its initial load screen, but would go no further. Perhaps its due to my SATA drive, I don't know for sure.
                        MyCE Member
                        Posted on: 21 Jul 04 17:10
                          I prefer Acronis True Image 7.0 It's great
                          New on Forum
                          Posted on: 21 Jul 04 18:33
                            I was wondering if any of you CD Freaks could help me? I currently have a 30gb hard drive which has windows xp installed on it and that is my primary drive. I also have a 80gb hard drive which is the slave and this has my games etc on it. I'm going to get myself a new hard drive which i want to use to replace the 30gb drive. Could i use Norton Ghost to make an exact clone of the 30 gb drive and put it straight onto the new drive that i'm going to install? Would it just copy straight onto the new drive and i would keep my windows setup and not lose anything? please can someone advise me please. cheers
                            New on Forum
                            Posted on: 21 Jul 04 18:34
                              I always thought Powerquest Disk Image was a better product. Apparently Symnantec thought the same. "If you can't beat the competition, buy them out." :X
                              CD Freaks Rookie
                              Posted on: 21 Jul 04 19:37
                                I SO agree with you mizkitty... Drive Image is so good... still have to try Acronis' product though, and kudos to Partition Saving for being free, quite rare nowadays, but good products have big development costs... unless one buys out the competition
                                CD Freaks Member
                                Posted on: 21 Jul 04 19:47
                                  i agree completely with the above posters... Ghost is a lifesaver... last time my mom hosed her pc, i did the dreaded "fresh install" and all her favorite proogies, then ghosted it.... kudos to symantec for this wonderful product!
                                  CD Freaks Member
                                  Posted on: 21 Jul 04 21:46
                                    You need the "corporate" edition of Ghost to be able to do this as the single-license versions only allow one copy of each image to be made. The only other way around it is to make several images, one after the other.
                                    Posted on: 21 Jul 04 21:53
                                      That seems to be a great question for our forum:
                                      New on Forum
                                      Posted on: 22 Jul 04 01:19
                                        Got a question. I have my stuff partitioned one for the os, one for programs, another for mp3's, games etc. Currently I just do a ghost image of the os partition so if it ever gets hosed I can do a quick restore on it. But this is the problem I'm running into, the restored image of the os partition won't have any of those settings and changes made by games and apps I've installed on the other partitions. Like it might be missing registery settings installed by apps and games etc. Can you guys recommend any good solution to this problem? Thanks
                                        Author of D-Tools Add-on Utilities
                                        Posted on: 22 Jul 04 06:38
                                          Registry is always saved on the root disk, even if app/game itself is on a second partition.
                                          CD Freaks Member
                                          Posted on: 22 Jul 04 08:42
                                            I have about 6 to 8 backups created with Ghost and DriveImage and I realized they're no use for me, so I stopped using backup software. That is good for people who don't upgrade. I change mobos approx. every 6 months, so the backup'd OS doesn't work anymore. So... let's reinstall Windows
                                            CD Freaks Member
                                            Posted on: 22 Jul 04 14:29
                                              Why is there an article about this software?? NG2003 has been around for ages!! Anyone in or everyone in IT uses it in some form or another.
                                              CD Freaks Member
                                              Posted on: 22 Jul 04 22:07
                                                Yeah, I'm kinda confused why this was posted at all. I mean its not really CD related. Sounds like a plug to me.
                                                MyCE Resident
                                                Posted on: 22 Jul 04 23:08
                                                  Thank you for your comments. You are right, this isn't exactly "news" but, it's not a plug, that's for sure. It's just reminding us all of another use for our optical storage devices. Also, what is simple to a lot of folks especially those in IT, imaging a hard drive to some could be intimidating and not something they would have the confidence to try. Sometimes, people don't even know what question to ask to get started. The idea in the guide is to show how easily one could back up their PC. While it isn't for everyone, it surely can come in handy for some. We are planning to do more guides and also looking closely at certain softwares that are more directly related to optical storage. Maybe we will hit on a couple that will be of interest. Hopefully, with those stories too, we will get some tips and comments along the way from everyone, just like this. Positive or negative feel free to speak your mind.
                                                  CDFreaks Resident
                                                  Posted on: 23 Jul 04 15:09
                                                    I heard that Ghost has problems with SATA drives when your PC uses a combination of IDE / SATA drives - just SATA and your fine. Ghost (2003) also has problems in that it does not always work with firewire drives or some normal partition setups - as outlined above. It is great when it works, but sometimes it refues to work where others cope without trouble.
                                                    CD Freaks Member
                                                    Posted on: 23 Jul 04 15:35
                                                      All you need to do mate (icey) is to make sure you have the correct options enabled and that the bios of your system will support 1394/USB1.1-2.0. AS for Sata I have absolutely no problems with my Maxtor drives on my MSI NForce2 mainboard. I have a combination of Sata and IDE.
                                                      New on Forum
                                                      Posted on: 23 Jul 04 23:35
                                                        Those of you who are having problems with Ghost 2003 and Sata drivers, there is a solution: Boot to dos, then start ghost with this opion: ghost-noide and it will work.

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