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Rumor: PS2 to cost $99

Posted at 30 March 2009 21:30 CET by Randomus

There have been unconfirmed reports posted on the Internet regarding a permanent price cut down to $99 for the aging Sony PlayStation 2 video game console.

It looks like U.S. retailer K-Mart will begin circulating a new product catalog with the altered prices beginning on April 5.  If true, other retailers will likely follow suit shortly after, though it should be interesting to see how interested consumers are in this particular reduction in price.

The last major price cut for the PS2 took place in April 2006, when the console dropped to its current price of $129.99, and this could mark one of the final times the unit gets a lower tag.

And while it’s very likely that the PS2 will receive a price cut, Sony fans may be disappointed to hear that there is no evidence thus far that would indicate the next-generation PlayStation 3 game console will receive a similar reduction.  Many fans still want to see the PS3 drop down to $299.99 — though Sony has said that the move is rather unlikely.

Despite all the talk of a possible PS2 price cut, Sony is expected to announce something on Tuesday, which could range from a confirmation to the PS2 price cut or a God of War 3 announcement.

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MyCE Resident
Posted on: 31 Mar 09 16:03
    Over here, it has already dropped to 99.99 Euros.
    CD Freaks Member
    Posted on: 31 Mar 09 18:43
      It's no longer rumor now...its official...the PS2 is now $100

      Also, good work Sony. I understand you are interested in luring customers to your soon-to-be-obsolete PS2. Thats all good and swell, but what happens when they want to upgrade and they go out and buy that PS3 with all good intention of playing their PS2 titles, only to realize that you screwed them by removing Backwards Compatibility.
      CD Freaks Member
      Posted on: 31 Mar 09 19:12
        umm, 99.99 Euros is equivalent to $132. So, you are still paying a higher price for the PS2 vs what North America is now paying.
        MyCE Resident
        Posted on: 31 Mar 09 22:25
          You must be new around here, right? It's a very commonly known fact that this kind of stuff is sold at these prices across the Atlantic, e.g. if a console is sold at $249 (the Nintendo Wii) in the US, it's normal to for it to be priced at €249 over here. What 's the price for the PS3? That's right, it's 399 Euros over here and 399 dollars over there, right? Same with the Xbox. And the Americans even complain that life is tough, the economy is bad and all that.

          So, the fact is that the PS2 has just now dropped from 129 Euros, or something like that, to 99 Euros. The same happened in the US, but in dollars, as is the norm.
          dual layer dvd
          MyCE Member
          Posted on: 31 Mar 09 23:54
            I still can't believed they removed back-compat!!!
            MyCE Member
            Posted on: 01 Apr 09 04:14
              I'd rather have a more reliable PS3. Fewer parts means fewer problems and less heat. For $100 a PS2 is quite a bargain for a second console considering the games available.
              MyCE Senior Member
              Posted on: 01 Apr 09 13:10
                This was their so-called big announcement! wow eh? riveting! (end sarcasm)
                CD Freaks Member
                Posted on: 01 Apr 09 19:10
                  Umm...I am not new around here...I've been posting on cdfreaks for a while now. Just to let you know. I was telling you what the price is considering the exchange rate. So you are paying more money for your PS2 in Europe than if you were buying it in North America.

                  If you need more information, look up info on exchange rates, and you can also type in exchange rate converter in google to look up rates for converting Euros to USD. You will see that 99 Eur = 132 USD
                  CD Freaks Member
                  Posted on: 01 Apr 09 19:11
                    Umm...I think you contradicted yourself. You are saying PS3 is more reliable because it has fewer parts? Umm...the PS3 has more stuff in it than the PS2, so its less reliable. Maybe you made a typo?
                    MyCE Member
                    Posted on: 02 Apr 09 03:19
                      Reduced part count by removing the Emotion Engine and related support parts.
                      MyCE Resident
                      Posted on: 02 Apr 09 13:16
                        Dude, you're not understanding what I'm saying. It's been forever like this. If a console costs 100 dollars in the US, it costs 100 Euros over here. Do you understand this? Good.

                        Of course it's more expensive if you do the exchange rate conversion. We all know that. But that's not the point. The point is that it is always like this.

                        So, when I said that, over here, it was now 99 Euros, I was saying that it, indeed, had dropped in price. The exchange rate equation is irrelevant for the discussion. Which was never if PS2 is cheaper (exchange rate wise) in the US or in the EU.

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