Sony to bundle music, movies on MicroVault USB drives

Posted 17 December 2008 20:44 CET by Randomus

Sony introduced a new line of MicroVault Click USB flash drives that will ship with either a pre-loaded movie or music album.

Michael Jackson fans can now purchase the 25th Anniversary edition of Thriller on a 2GB USB key, plus seven bonus music tracks and several music videos.  The MicroVault Click Thriller costs $19.99.

The 4 GB USB keys with "Men in Black" or "The Da Vinci Code" will cost $29.99 each, with both drives equipped with a "one-click" play/launch capability.  Sony didn’t disclose if there are any bonus features available for either movie.

“We’re excited to provide consumers with a new way to enjoy some of today’s most popular titles, using our MicroVault Click USB flash drives," Sony director of marketing Shane Higby said in a statement.  "“By pre-loading content in this way, we are expanding the applications for flash drives, while offering a unique value that only Sony can deliver."

Hardware manufacturers and Hollywood have tried to blend together offering content pre-loaded on USB keys, though the consumer market has been rather unimpressed with previous attempts.  It seems logical companies should stick with pre-loading movies, as downloading entire movies can still take a very long time.

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