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Stolen X-Box 360 demo disc self-booting ISO on the net

Posted at 29 December 2005 16:37 CET by Crabbyappleton
Ginsu Victim used our news submit to tell us "Well, this might get interesting..." According to information gleaned from around the web, a couple things have happened. For one, it is being reported that due to the rapid deployment of Xbox 360 kiosks to retail, that an "unprotected" DVD demo disc was produced by Microsoft, to show off the capabilities of the machine. Somehow, someone was able to "procure" said disc and has also copied it. In addition, it has been leaked to the Internet. Reminiscent of the old SEGA DreamCast days, today the world"s first self-booting X-Box 360 iSO Image hit the net!X-Box 360 retail kiosks have started arriving at retailers. Due to the nature of the distribution process, not all kiosks are hitting simultaneously, but are continuing to pop up in retailers across the country in the coming weeks. The kiosks are designed for a retail environment and feature game samples, game trailers and product information. Team PI leaves you with this Pillow statement: It seems Micro$oft was in such a hurry to get this stuff out that they forgot to set the media protection on this disc. This leaves hackers with the posibility to hack around with this disc that load from a normal DVDR5 backup! - Team PI also notes that the all datafiles on this disc isn"t signed in any way, and will allow for extensive modification for producing exploits to further our efford to hack this box!This so called demo disc has reportedly been created with a number of interesting features. For instance the disc contains games like Call of Duty 2, Hexic, Kameo, King Kong along with demos and videos of games, downsized to fit the disc. The report goes on to say that if you can find the ISO on the Net, you can burn it, place it in your Xbox 360 and boot with it. Then they say, set back and watch. Such a disc is an important find for those out there into hacking. But, due to the hardware involved in the creation of the Xbox, what this information would lead to in the future as far as understanding the Xbox 360 and how it works is unknown. However, it certainly opens some doors for the inquisitive among us. There is some talk about using code from this disc, which apparently bypasses some of the security measures on the Xbox 360 and try to merge it into games already floating around the Internet. The thought being that one could even make any game play on the Xbox 360. Who knows? Source: PS2 Info

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Optical storage technical expert
Posted on: 29 Dec 05 18:16
    It's no hack. Microsoft intentionally allowed such demo discs to boot from DVD5R discs (via the media protect flag as on XBOX), in order to allow kiosks to be able to make copies. As for "datafiles", these are media files such as wmv, png, jpg, etc, which are unsigned. The xex/exe files are still signed (encrypted with verification check), that's why they run, so you can't modify the code. Only media files can be modified or replaced.
    [edited by Truman on 29.12.2005 18:18]
    CDFreaks Resident
    Posted on: 29 Dec 05 19:27
      A dutch Xbox site called: posted a movie where you can see how a burned 'kiosk disc' boot's up. A direct link to the article (Warning: It dutch) can be found Here
      [edited by RDJ on 29.12.2005 19:28]
      [edited by RDJ on 29.12.2005 19:28]
      [edited by RDJ on 29.12.2005 19:29]
      Waiting on Activation
      Posted on: 29 Dec 05 22:13
        movies now boot due to the hacked boot sector
        CD Freaks Junior Member
        Posted on: 30 Dec 05 05:06
          It seems everyone has an Achille's heel, doesn't it?
          CD Freaks Rookie
          Posted on: 30 Dec 05 06:12
            This is nothing new. Burned copies of the Xbox Live Arcade boot CD for the original Xbox booted fine on unmodded consoles. Microsoft wanted people to spread the boot CD around so people would use it to download premium, paid-for content. It's simple. When signing Xbox executables (.xbe) or Xbox 360 "Xenon" executables (.xex), Microsoft can specify from which devices the excutable can boot, i.e. CD, CD-R, DVD, DVD-R, hard disk, etc. Any combination can be set; all, several or only one. In this case, they have signed the kiosk disc's default.xex to permit booting from at least DVD and DVD-R, possibly others too. Although I would not rule it out entirely, I very much doubt that this will lead to a successful hack.
            Co-Author of Alcoholer
            Posted on: 31 Dec 05 19:26
              Well... you should at least be able to let you boot - let's say - Linux (for example)...
              No longer with us
              Posted on: 07 Dec 08 00:02
                does anyone know a download location/WORKING torrent for this? i am unable to find one
                CD Freaks Rookie
                Posted on: 07 Dec 08 13:17
                  I'm not surprised you can't find one, this article is three years old.

                  Microsoft blocked this disc from running a long time ago, so even if you could get hold of it, it's almost certain that it wouldn't run.
                  No longer with us
                  Posted on: 07 Dec 08 22:58
                    Posted on 29/12/05 16:37 by Dan Bell 2005 ?

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