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Xbox 360 hacked: Play backups on the Xbox360 without a mod-chip

Posted at 15 May 2006 20:04 CET by DoMiN8ToR
It's probably something a lot of Xbox360 owners are waiting for: a hack that allows you to play backups. Today the user commodore4eva released a firmware and instructions for the Samsung TS-H943 drive that's inside some Xbox360's on The modified firmware allows you to play backups on DVD recordables. The hack is the first really successful and public proof that the Xbox360 has security holes. Unfortunately applying the hack will not be really an option for the average joe. The hack requires many steps and also opening your Xbox360 to attach the drive to the PC which flashes the firmware to the DVD-ROM drive. Tools that are required are -amongst others- MtkFlash, ISObuster and CloneCD.Of course this will mean that there will be a handfull of people who are able to copy games and play the backups on their Xbox360. However besides the difficulty of the hack, it's also expected that Microsoft is able to make this unpopulair by disconnecting people from Xbox Live who are not willing to accept an upgrade to their dashboard that has the potential of blocking people using this hack. Read the original thread that describes the procedure (firmware downloads are removed) and discuss this in our Console Forum. Source:

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CD Freaks Senior Member
Posted on: 15 May 06 20:13
    i can't see this being that successful, yeah its been done (for quite a while now actually) but microsoft is just going to patch the hole anyways so only a very very small percentage of 360 owners are going to attempt this. its kind of expensive anyways as it requires dual-layer media, won't work with single layer media. might as well just rent the games for that price.
    CD Freaks Senior Member
    Posted on: 15 May 06 21:20
      a. dual layer media is at 2-3 bucks a pop so it's cheaper then renting b.If you don't go online to live then you wont be able to get such an update if it actually exist. Not everybody goes online with there xbox also a good percentage of people who modify there xbox have more then 1 so they can go onto xbox live with one and then run everything else they need to on another. Also they already talked about the fact they can hack the hash so Microsoft wont be able to overwrite the firmware or make it believe that the firmware installed is correct. Either way they are already coming out with new hardware to speed up this processes so even if it's hard now don't expect it to be in the near future.
      CD Freaks Senior Member
      Posted on: 15 May 06 23:55
        I would not have thought that flashing the firmware of the DVD-ROM drive would have been all that is needed to play backups (you would have thought their memory would have been protected and updates only possible from the xBox 360) but how about import games? Or do you have to hack the image to get them to work as well?
        MyCE Senior Member
        Posted on: 16 May 06 00:08
          Import games cannot be played as the region setting is inside the xax file. When you modify the xax file the checksum will change and so the game will not start. This is the answer to your second question, so no, with this mod you cannot hack any image, otherwise the game does not start. All you can do with import games is to get another Xbox360 from a different region...
          CD Freaks Rookie
          Posted on: 16 May 06 00:58
            The hack is the DVD drive telling the 360 the disk is authentic and original. There may or may not be a way for M$ to discover the hack on Live. More likely they will work on a patch that will reflash the drive, however this could screw up a lot of unhacked drives so there may be nothing they can do. And you can always reflash back to the hacked firmware. The easy way around this is to have 2 360's. 1 for hacked single player games, the other for live games.
            MyCE Resident
            Posted on: 16 May 06 03:05
              it seems like current hackable version of xbox360 will be a hot item...maybe, this is just what ms needs to boost the sales of the machine to 10mil before the launch of the ps3 if the hacking continues to let us install linux, i might even buy one
              New on Forum
              Posted on: 16 May 06 11:36
                Consider that MS can "force" an upgrade inside future games, an upgrade that detect and flash back the firmware. Some game (like Ghost Recon) already make something like this. More than this you cannot change a single bit so it's just for piracy... no homebrew, no media player... boooring stuff
                Posted on: 16 May 06 17:44
                  No game will force the dvd firmware to be flashed back to the original! Even if it did, flash it back to the hacked version again. This is something to play around with until a fully fledged modchip appears.
                  CD Freaks Rookie
                  Posted on: 17 May 06 17:54
                    Almost time to go out and get an Xbox360! Bollocks to the Xbox Live.:g
                    No longer with us
                    Posted on: 13 Feb 07 04:33
                      xbox 360 to play backup games how?
                      No longer with us
                      Posted on: 13 Feb 07 04:37
                        xbox 360 to play backup games how?
                        No longer with us
                        Posted on: 15 Jan 08 01:56
                          this is pretty sweet, :B even if you have to tear apart your 360, and its really not much harder then modding a xbox 1, i mean, all you have to do is mess with the dvd drive, dont even have to do much to the motherboard. only thing i dont understand, is why cant someone rip the code from an official update, and put their own custom firmware in it, with just the certification code. i dont understand why thats impossible, or even that hard.
                          No longer with us
                          Posted on: 12 Jun 08 05:28
                            Check out for xbox 360 update, flash tutorials and unlimited xbox 360 game downloads.
                            No longer with us
                            Posted on: 02 Apr 09 21:37
                              everything4360 is a scam don't pay them
                              New Member
                              Posted on: 05 May 10 22:31
                                Originally Posted by shimman
                                it seems like current hackable version of xbox360 will be a hot item...maybe, this is just what ms needs to boost the sales of the machine to 10mil before the launch of the ps3 if the hacking continues to let us install linux, i might even buy one
                                m$ probly has their own hackers that they hire to make hacks and $hit so they can sell more xbox 360s. if u ruin your xbox with a hack then u gota go buy a new one. yea there are real hackers that make rival hacks against m$ thos hacks are definitly better
                                MyCE Resident
                                Posted on: 08 May 10 05:51
                                  If Microsoft were smart they would come out with a drive that would allow you to play XBOX on your computer. A lot of people would buy that, just to avoid getting a dedicated game system.

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