Amazon and Ebay customers targeted in new Microsoft scam

Posted 30 June 2017 17:25 CEST by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Customers of Amazon, Alibaba and Ebay are the target of an infamous Microsoft scam that this time starts with a cancellation email. The email states that the order has been cancelled and the order number links to a website with all kinds of pornographic images.


At the same time the website shows a fake ‘Windows Defender’ popup that claims that a virus has been found on the victim’s computers after which the browser is locked, Phishlabs reports. Details about the exact method aren’t provided but in the past such scams used Javascript to prevent the user from closing the browsing. The warning that is shown to the user tries to convince him to call a phone number to unlock the PC.

The is the start of the well known Microsoft scam. The shown phonenumber is used by scammers that pretend to be Microsoft employees and who want to solve the ‘computer issues’ if the victims pays a small fee. If the user hands over the payment details the scammers steal them, and either sell them or commit financial fraud. settings

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