Asus Transformer tablets suffer from cracked screens – Asus denies

Posted 01 October 2012 18:43 CEST by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Users on several forums report that the screen of their Transformer tablet cracks spontaneously. The problem seems to primarily emerge when the tablet is in its optional keyboard docking station with the screen closed. Striking is that the bursts are always in the upper corner of the tablet and that nearly all users report that the burst was first discovered after they unfolded their tablet while it was in the keyboard docking station.

The problem seems to affect users of different models of the Asus Transformer including the latest Transformer Infinity which uses the latest Gorilla Glass 2 technology  known to be nearly unbreakable. However also the first Transformer, the Prime is affected.

Users report that there are bubbles in the top glass layer of the Transformer screen which could be the cause of the cracks. Unfortunately Asus doesn’t believe that the screens just cracks and therefor states that repairing the screen is not part of the warranty.

The company does offer a service to repair the glass but  users who have sent the tablet for repairs report that they were charged up to  $180 and it took Asus up two months to actually sent the tablet back.

Dutch media report that Asus Benelux doesn’t want to comment on the issue and doesn’t want to tell if they are aware of the problem.

MyCE Resident Commenter
Posted on: 02 Oct 12 16:23
They're pulling an Apple -- deny everything and hope the problem goes away.
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CE Freak
Posted on: 02 Oct 12 21:13
So... if I get one of these transformer tablets that's supposed to be a '57 T-Bird...'re telling me that I could end up with some cracked windshield? That sucks! This is beautiful curved glass! James Dean could go flying thru this stuff! I don't want it cracked!
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MyCE Resident
Posted on: 02 Oct 12 21:28
Originally Posted by DoMiN8ToR
All models seem to be affected...
I have no keyboard dock for my Transformer TF 101........and have it for more than a year now without any scratch on the screen,I hope it stays that way.....
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MyCE Senior Member
Posted on: 28 Oct 13 19:44
God knows. I am sceptical as I remember when Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was introduced soon the net was overloaded with a certain "SGT specific" screen problem.
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New Member
Posted on: 30 Dec 14 20:07
My t100ta transformer screen also spontaneously cracked while closed and sitting on the desk.  I sent it to ASUS and they have denied any product defect, and want additional monies and shipping costs to return it to me repaired. I have done nothing that could have caused this crack. I bought an ASUS because a friend believed in their quality.  Now I not only question their quality, but their integrity as well.  I have been wrestling them over this issue,  but they are not budging. My friend, who was also going to buy a transformer, has now decided it is too much of a financial risk and doesn't want to support a company that deals in this way.
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New Member
Posted on: 01 Jan 15 19:04
My Asus T100T transformer screen cracked without any pressure, accident, heat/cold etc shortly after closing it (with keyboard attached). It was sat on my desk and I heard a cracking sound - when I opened it I discovered the crack running along the bottom of the screen, Needless to say PC world and Asus both deny liability despite it being only 6 months old. They claim it must have been accidently damaged however I cannot emphasis enough that I did absolutely nothing to it and I heard it crack while it was sat on the desk. In the circumstances it has to be a manufacturing fault but how do I prove it without expensive expert witnesses. The body is obviously undamaged but it is unusable. What a waste of money and I would recommend anyone thinking of buying an Asus tablet to avoid at all costs.
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New Member
Posted on: 03 Feb 15 10:39
Same thing. Mine cracked while docked and closed sitting on a tabletop.  Rang Asus - they're obviously aware of the issue but have no intention of dealing with it honestly. Would never buy an Asus product again.....
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