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Bose introduces high end 46″ LCD HDTV with enhanced audio

Posted at 30 September 2010 00:20 CEST by Randomus

Audio company Bose has introduced a new 46-inch VideoWave LCD high-definition TV that includes internal surround sound speakers that are said to provide higher quality sound without the need for wires and external speakers.

The VideoWave TV is unique in that Bose has managed to fit 16 speakers into a custom 6″ housing that fits behind the screen.  Interestingly, the speakers aren’t front-facing, but the device does include seven midrange speakers located on the top of the TV.  The TV can still be mounted flush on a wall if the user doesn’t have a proper TV stand.

The TV is scheduled for release on October 14th.

Bose is known as a higher-end, name brand electronis company that sells expensive speakers and audio equipment.  A transition into TVs — which not surprisingly includes surround sound built-into the TV — could be a viable long-term business option for the company.

As someone that has owned numerous Bose products over the years, I appreciate the simplicity and sound quality of the company’s products.  However, I think charging more than $5,000 for a 46″ LCD HDTV when others can be found for $1,500 or less is a risky gamble.

Although I have my doubts, there is still a larger effort to support the high-end LCD HDTV market.  Danish company Bang & Olufsen along with Bose and other companies are still showing interest in higher-priced, niche TVs, so there could be customers out there for these type of products.

Even so, Bose didn’t offer a sales prediction for the pricey TV that will be available in Bose stores, online, and through retail partner stores.

I just don’t think this is worth the extremely high price tag, even with the 16 speakers built internally into the screen.  I think for saving a few thousand dollars, most consumers are going to be able to deal with a few speakers and a subwoofer somewhere in the living room.

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MyCE Senior Member
Posted on: 30 Sep 10 01:30
    A Good 46" will run you $2000.00 cdn
    I can put together a sound system that blows away anything Bose makes for about $2000.00. That will still leave you $1000.00 for a BluRay, 3D kit and a couple months worth of Beer and Popcorn.
    Aimed straight for the "i-everything, more money than brains" crowd.
    MyCE Resident
    Posted on: 30 Sep 10 05:23
      They don't call them "Blose" for nothing.
      MyCE Rookie
      Posted on: 30 Sep 10 19:32
        "As someone that has owned numerous Bose products over the years, I appreciate the simplicity and sound quality of the company’s products. "

        After that line I stopped reading. Bose hasn't made a good speaker for many many years since the writer bought many over the years he just kept swallowing their hype hopefully he realizes that speakers made from cardboard just don't cut it and chokes on all the hype; but he is too deluded at this point to be able to write an article about anything that produces sound if he thinks they produce good sound quality.
        MyCE Resident
        Posted on: 30 Sep 10 19:55
          Bose is not an audio company, or even a speaker company. They are a marketing company. Anyone who can keep selling a clock radio for $250 does deserve some respect, but not for audio quality. They primarily make their millions from direct sales as a result of infomercials and magazine ads.

          This product is aimed at the sound bar consumers.
          MyCE Resident
          Posted on: 30 Sep 10 23:11
            Typical marketing bull$hit from Bose to try and sell you a product for 5-6 times its real value.
            MyCE Member
            Posted on: 09 Nov 10 02:41
              Something like Monster Cable Hype. Bose sounds good, not for the $$ they want!

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