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Call of Duty: Elite memberships extended 30 days due to launch issues

Posted at 11 November 2011 08:00 CEST by etdragon

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 had an incredibly successful launch with thousands of people lining up at midnight to buy the game. The companion service Call of Duty: Elite was not quite as successful. The subscription based, premium service gave users errors when they tried to register. Elite is still not working properly and Activision is trying to make consumers feel better by tacking on an additional month of service for no charge.

Call of Duty: Elite runs $49.99 a year and offers a slew of features including extensive stat tracking, clan organization options, and access to downloadable content. The service has had issues since it launched at midnight on Tuesday, causing registration errors and keeping people from accessing any of the features of the paid service.

It turns out that users are reporting the service is still having issues. Just today one user posted on the Facebook page for the service,

“Welcome! We are working to get you into Call of Duty ELITE”
And then it hangs for 30 minutes. Ugh. Such nonsense.”

Activision is trying to make customers feel better about all of the issues the service is having by extending the first year for paid members by an extra 30 days. That means your $49.99 gives you 13 months instead of 12, which would be fantastic if Elite was actually usable.

Activision released a statement saying,

“We are having trouble scaling the service to meet demand. Many of you are trying to get in and unfortunately, you can’t right now. You’re frustrated, we know it, and we know we need to fix it. Our teams have been working non-stop to identify issues and resolve them as quickly as possible. Again, these issues have no impact on the performance of the game.”

The statement continues,

“We are committed to Call of Duty Elite for the long haul and are working around the clock to resolve these issues. Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

Does this actually make anyone feel better about the rocky launch of Elite? I know if I was paying $50 a year for something a free month wouldn’t make me feel better if the service was still down. Did any of you guys have success getting registered for Elite and using the features yet?

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MyCE Senior Member
Posted on: 11 Nov 11 17:25
    I'm honestly surprised by this. It's not like CoD is some unknown series. Activision knows it sells more in its first day of release than many games sell in their entire shelf life. Then again, I'm no server specialist. Ensuring a new service is operating flawlessly as millions of people hammer it with requests may be technically impossible - like coaxing a tiger through a hoop the size of a basketball net.

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