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DivX TV added to LG Blu-ray players via free firmware update

Posted at 19 October 2010 20:56 CET by Randomus

DivX and consumer products maker LG Electronics have teamed up to bring the DivX TV front-end software suite to three LG Blu-ray players via a free firmware update. The update offers LG owners the ability to access new video channels and content on various LG blu-ray players.

The LG BD550, BD570 and BD590 Blu-ray players can use the free firmware update starting immediately — but the update is available to US owners only.

The short-term plans for DivX have remained unknown after Sonic recently acquired the company for $325 million. It looks more like Sonic is interested in expanding DivX’s reach even further, but wants to make sure it expands the brand carefully.

Google TV is not surprisingly earning the majority of headlines lately with its recent launch on several products — but the DivX TV solution has been designed to be compatible with current HDTVs and set-top boxes, along with next-generation products in the pipeline.

Beyond DivX TV, the DivX software platform is still being embraced by LG and other hardware manufacturers trying to offer compatibility for as many formats as possible to consumers. The new Sharp BD-HP90S slimline Blu-ray player, for example, includes the use of DivX software, with numerous other products now licensing the video codec.

As Google TV continues to snap up partners, DivX and LG haven’t announced if any other products will include DivX TV.

I remember 10 years ago when DivX had a much more significant role in the online video market, but feel that many PC users have simply overlooked the format by this point. Despite facing numerous other competitors, DivX TV can still benefit if it begins to promote the platform and its brand to consumers.

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There are 4 comments

MyCE Resident
Posted on: 19 Oct 10 21:37
    "but the update is available to US owners only."

    Hm, well, is that the best way???
    MyCE Member
    Posted on: 21 Oct 10 18:24
      Divx is still the best low end form of video conversion. How else can you get that big 7 gig file on a little cd disk? I bought 4 Philips DVD players with divx built in, over a year ago. I hardly ever use discs anymore, flash drives have replaced the use for them. And if that doesn't work, HDMI can go from computers straight into TV's, totally bypassing and video device. This is NOT the way they want you to move, not needing their precious vhs/dvd/blu ray players. I saw USB's on a lot of players for a year or 2, then they stopped. Guess they got smart, and saw what was happening.
      MyCE Senior Member
      Posted on: 22 Oct 10 09:36
        Don't forget that if you upgrade you will inherit the Cinavia DRM Aimed to Stop Piracy On Blu-ray, PS3s :
        MyCE Resident
        Posted on: 22 Oct 10 10:47
          Oh oh.

          Thanks for the info.

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