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DVDFab Twitter, Google Plus and Youtube accounts suspended

Posted at 02 April 2014 09:52 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

The Twitter, Google Plus and Youtube accounts from DVDFab have been suspended, likely due to a court order of the AACS-LA.  Last month the company also lost their Facebook page. The Youtube and Google Plus pages were shut down a couple of days ago, the Twitter account yesterday. The company had almost 59,000 followers on Twitter.


The pages have likely  been removed due to an injunction from a New York court. Blu-ray copy protection licensee AACS-LA sued Chinese company DVDFab and can use the injunction to send out orders to companies to cease working with DVDFab. The injunction pretty much covers everyone who provides services to DVDFab, including to banks, payment processors and also social media services.

So far the AACS-LA has succeeded in closing down the domain, preventing DVDFab from using their payment processor,  and closing down the Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube and Facebook page. The organisation seems to target companies providing services to DVDFab falling under the jurisdiction of the United States. Using court orders they can force the social media websites to close the DVDFab pages.

So far DVDFab managed to stay online, the company switched to a Chinese domain name and a Chinese payment processor. It will be harder for the AACS-LA to get those shut down, as they are not under the jurisdiction of the United States. In China the court orders have likely no meaning or are no priority. Unfortunately most online payments are done with Mastercard and Visa credit cards and both companies are under US jurisdiction.

The company also launched a sister product of DVDFab, BluFab which has the Blu-ray decryption feature removed and no longer sells the software to customers from the United States.

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There are 4 comments

MyCE Resident Commenter
Posted on: 02 Apr 14 18:55
    Wait, I'm confused. I thought Russia was the enemy. Shouldn't we close Putin's Twitter account?
    MyCE Resident
    Posted on: 02 Apr 14 21:35
      Originally Posted by DukeNukem
      Wait, I'm confused. I thought Russia was the enemy. Shouldn't we close Putin's Twitter account?
      Naaah,because Russia isn't the enemy......
      The "fear" for Russia provides a wealthy income for the weapon lobby,so behind the scene,Poetin is actually a FRIEND of them.....
      DVDFab costs money for the multimedia lobby,at least they think so,that's why they rank FengTao higher to take agressive measures against.....
      Senor Bag
      MyCE Junior Member
      Posted on: 03 Apr 14 03:37
        I like DVDFab is still active:
        Wondershare support
        Posted on: 12 May 14 09:15
          I didn't notice the is also live, god bless them

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