European Commission will radically change annoying ‘cookie popup law’

Posted 10 January 2017 16:41 CEST by Jan Willem Aldershoff

The European Commission wants to radically change the ‘cookie law’ that requires European websites (which includes to ask its users for permission to set cookies. In the future internet users will only have to decide once whether they want to allow privacy sensitive tracking cookies that e.g. track browsing behavior for advertisers.

European Commissioners Andrus Ansip (Digital Internal Market) and  Vêra Jourvá (Justice) announced this today. Their proposal still has to be approved by the European Parliament and the European member states.

Currently internet users have to accept or reject cookies for each European based website they visit. This has been criticized a lot because it annoys users and most users click accept without actually reading the permission request.

To set cookies that according to the Commission aren’t privacy sensitive, such as cookies that count website visits or track whether the user is logged in, no permission is required.

The change can have a big impact on internet companies like Google that earn a lot of money from selling personalized advertisements. In case more European internet users decide to disable privacy sensitive cookies, advertisements rates could drop significantly.

The Commission hopes the new rules will become reality in May 2018, together with the introduction of new data protection rules in Europe.


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