Exclusive: Log of Android KLP / Kitkat running on Nexus 5

Posted 28 September 2013 12:20 CEST by Jan Willem Aldershoff

We’ve spotted a log file of Android Key Lime Pie (also known as Kitkat) running on a Nexus 5. The log file has a filesize of 10 MB and contains more than 133,000 lines. The log file shows the device is running “KeyLimePie” and to be more specific build  KRS74H.

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This android version, called Kitkat when officially released,  is running on a Hammerhead device, the codename for the Nexus 5 which is the codename for the LG D820. This screenshot is taken from the same device.


Another screenshot shows how the device sometimes identifies itself as Nexus 4 and another time as Nexus 5. In another screenshot we found that proof that the Nexus 5 will support wireless charging.

We will update a forum thread with  more information (see list below) as we go through the log file.

Update 29/9/2013: We previously reported about Google Babel and the icons next to the debug icon,  Ron Amadeo was friendly enough to point out that Google Babel is the codename for Google Hangouts and isn’t new. The icons next to the debug icon are from Google Authenticator.

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Blown to smitherines
Posted on: 28 Sep 13 22:12
It's definitely kitkat
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MyCE Resident
Posted on: 30 Sep 13 01:55
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New Member
Posted on: 30 Sep 13 04:57
the nexus 5 is definitely an awesome phone.
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New Member
Posted on: 30 Sep 13 04:59
if it has full hd display, snapdragon 800 and 32 gb storage one can buy it without any thoughts
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New Member
Posted on: 30 Sep 13 06:05
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New Member
Posted on: 30 Sep 13 13:33
Dear DoMiN8ToR. Is it real that MyCe.com has delivered the hole log.file to the italian blog AndoridWorld.it?

I'm asking it because the owner of that blog is saying that you have do so.

It this real?
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New Member
Posted on: 30 Sep 13 13:36
Sorry, i mean the whole log file.
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Posted on: 30 Sep 13 14:07
Hello AnyPower83. Yes, Androidworld.it has the entire log, we're working together going through the log right now. We have more coming up, like a new Kitkat screenshot, so stay tuned. Androidworld.it will release the information in Italian.
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