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Exclusive: Windows 8 contains new product activation method

Posted at 03 August 2012 12:27 CEST by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Information on the new Windows 8 OEM activation that is covered by an Non Disclosure Agreement (DNA) has been leaked to the internet. The new product activation standard is called OEM Activiaton 3.0 (OA 3.0) and should provide benefits over OA 2.1 , used in Windows 7.

It enables OEMs to digitally order and receive product keys and to report computer information to Microsoft. It also enables activation of software on specific hardware. This means Windows 8 can be activated in the factory, so users can receive pre-activated Windows 8 computers. (More screenshots can be found on the forums here)

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There are 7 comments

MyCE Die Hard
Posted on: 03 Aug 12 15:05
    Ah yes... the joys of living in The Perfect World.

    That IS where we all live, yes? I love that "better user experience"...
    MyCE Rookie
    Posted on: 04 Aug 12 00:33
      Is this only for new computers or do legacy computers already have the required serial number in them?
      New Member
      Posted on: 04 Aug 12 01:38
        I don't see the point, Microsoft has already taken care of discouraging piracy in Windows 8 - Who really wants to pirate a crippled OS that's missing the start menu?

        Well, at least this feature will be something exciting for those up for a challenge in breaking the product activation.
        MyCE Member
        Posted on: 07 Aug 12 04:32
          Originally Posted by HVD-Disc
          I don't see the point, Microsoft has already taken care of discouraging piracy in Windows 8 - Who really wants to pirate a crippled OS that's missing the start menu?
          MyCE Die Hard
          Posted on: 07 Aug 12 14:33
            I keep wondering if (er, when) MS will embed a forced upgrade and download new software and activations on us. "Sorry, you can no longer use good products with high productivity abilities that you're familiar with - you've now been upgraded to Win8!"

            Since Win7 installs a hundred extra unusable fonts, maybe MS will then activate some of those (Ishtar Sumarian Serif Inverted Italics Bold) as perma-screen fonts, too - so you can't realize what's happened until you've bought their new WinForIdiots series, then discovered you've just missed the rollback date option.

            Well... realistically... this can't possibly happen until Win9, right?
            New Member
            Posted on: 15 Aug 12 20:00
              Hopefully its not named windows 9. Or it'll be mad.
              New Member
              Posted on: 15 Aug 12 23:37
                Mmmm, new activation modes.

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