Five tips on telling friends and family about installing Windows 8

Posted 26 October 2012 18:05 CEST by Jan Willem Aldershoff

When you’re the ‘lucky’ one who has to fix computers from friends and family then you’ll likely get the question if they need to upgrade to Windows 8 , if you’re planning  to upgrade or why you haven’t already. Especially with the release today and the press it gets more people will become aware of this new version of Windows, a good reason to give you five explanations to tell your friends and family why you aren’t going to upgrade (them). Unless you will, of course.Here are our top five reasons for staying away from Windows 8 for now:

  1. Microsoft sold more failing Windows versions
    Most people will think that a new version of Windows must  be a better version. But history tells us that this isn’t always true. Microsoft had failing Windows versions before, remember Windows ME and Windows Vista? Both weren’t too popular.
  2. Windows 8 is made for touch
    You can tell your friends and family that Windows 8 is like Windows 7, but with the lack of the start menu and with the addition of a new interface that seems to be mainly targeted to touchscreens. If they have a touch screen computer, they might consider Windows 8, but who actually has a touchscreen PC at the moment?
  3. There is hardly a performance gain
    While some benchmarks show an improvement in performance, it’s only a little and will be hardly noticeable. The main performance increase are probably the boot and wake time, but to upgrade an entire OS for those few seconds a day?
  4. Games could run slower due to not optimized drivers
    If they are gamers then they might be interested in the fact that currently many (older) games run worse on Windows 8 than on other Windows versions. Probably a temporarily problem as it seems to be mainly caused by non-optimized drivers, but a good reason to hold off for now.
  5. There’s probably no way to get around it anyway
    And if they still don’t want to listen, then tell them that’s probably not really a way around getting a new Windows version. When they’ll get a new computer, it will probably ship with Windows 8. That’s usually the way most people get their new OS, who actually buys those boxes in the store?

Of course we’re also interested in yours, or the opposite reasons why you would upgrade and tell your friends and family to do the same. Post them in our comments if you like!

New Member
Posted on: 27 Oct 12 05:29
things you have to do

1.First make sure your CPU supports NX bit and also the MOBO has it or you will not be able to even begin the install for windows 8
Anything after 2004 should be good however some cheap boards do not have the NX support. Thw P4's systems will be a hit and miss. AGAIN MAKE SURE CPU AND MOBO support NX bit .

2.install windows 8

3. Install classic shell from

4.Show them the ribbon feature on opened folders as this will save them a lot of clicking around in sub menus. This ribbon is a very nice addition to Windows 8.
As every option related to that folder open and it'c contents is one click away for any options

5. Enjoy Windows 8 as I have for almost 2 years now with the Betas.

I am running software and devices from the XP install's I had used before and everything works fine on Windows 8.

Every driver can be forced to install just like in Windows 7 , so support for drivers is nice.

Windows 8 features : On laptops if your battery starts to get low you will now get a faded screen with a big clue rectangle telling you remaining %. if you ignore ... later windows 8 will power down and now you can hook up the power supply then hit the power button and in less then 6 seconds you are back watching the movie or youtube video RIGHT WERE YOU LEFT OFF. For me on laptops this is super nice!!!!!!!!!! I'ts one of my favourite features.

And the boot times well LOL 8 seconds on my triple core laptop with just a nomal sata drive.

Microsoft spend a hell of a lot of time tweeking the crap out of this OS, the new task manager is awesome for the people who like to know every fkin detail of what is running LOL.
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MyCE Member
Posted on: 27 Oct 12 22:51
Originally Posted by dan_fuerth
Windows 8 features : On laptops if your battery starts to get low you will now get a faded screen with a big clue rectangle telling you remaining %. if you ignore ... later windows 8 will power down and now you can hook up the power supply then hit the power button and in less then 6 seconds you are back watching the movie or youtube video RIGHT WERE YOU LEFT OFF. For me on laptops this is super nice!!!!!!!!!! I'ts one of my favourite features.

And the boot times well LOL 8 seconds on my triple core laptop with just a nomal sata drive.

Microsoft spend a hell of a lot of time tweeking the crap out of this OS, the new task manager is awesome for the people who like to know every fkin detail of what is running LOL.
Not significant enough reasons to upgrade from Win7.
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New Member
Posted on: 28 Oct 12 03:31
well for one thing the system is tweeked way better than Windows 7, the ram usage is more condensed, the new task manager blows any OS task manager, even most linux distros.

Windows 8 is not a "Must or die Upgrade". This OS is where Microsoft wants to go.
Windows 8 is miles ahead of Windows 7 especially in using less system resources. Windows 8 is a good OS upgrade if you are on XP ( like me ). I have taken Windows 8 live on my laptop with music production and had had no issues what so ever since the first Beta!! that is almost 2 years.

microsoft does not release paid os Updates like Apple does seems like every 3 months there is a new Animal OS , instead Microsoft ( due to the massive large business install base) has to update about every 2 years. now.

Again for me who is on XP since it has worked fine since the first install 10 years ago lol, now it;s time to update all my systems. All my systems have Windows 8 installed except one Athlon Compaq system that does not support the NX bit. so I installed Puppy Linux on there for the young kids.
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Some Random Guy
MyCE Resident
Posted on: 29 Oct 12 14:02
Reason #6: Because Windows 8 is probably going to follow the predictable pattern of Windows releases:

Windows ME: sucky
Windows XP: good
Windows Vista: sucky
Windows 7: good
Windows 8: _____
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MyCE Resident Commenter
Posted on: 30 Oct 12 16:39
I have no desire to upgrade to Windows 8.
Windows 7 Ultimate is just plain awesome. I have it on my gaming PC, my netbook, and my HTPC.
I'll have a look at Windows 9, though.
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MyCE Senior Member
Posted on: 31 Oct 12 05:10
A few things that should be mentioned to friends/family:

Windows 8 comes with a new "feature" on that prevents you from running having full admin rights to your own computer, even when you use an admin account with UAC turned off. After searching Google, I eventually found a hack hidden deep within the registry, which gives you back control of your OS. Another new UAC "feature" I should mention, is that you absolutely can not use any Metro apps without it. Not even basic apps, such as Windows Mail, the built-in weather app, or even the built-in picture viewer . Users, therefore, are forced to either be locked out of there own system (a power user's worst nightmare), or find a suitable replacement for each app.

On top of that, the "old" pre-installed games (solitaire, minesweeper, ect.) have been removed. Microsoft was "kind" enough to replace them with the Microsoft Solitaire Collection, which, guess what, is a Metro app. If you have an older Beta, there's an X-Box live version, which has a bad reputation, and was removed from later pre-release vesrions. And don't think you can just copy the games from a Windows 7 source, as that would be too easy. Microsoft doesn't want you to play these games on a newer OS than they were intended to be installed on. But, Google was there to rescue me, by finding a simple instructions for someone like me (who has no knowledge of writing/modding software whatsoever) to "fix" these games (with a simple hex editor) to work on 8.

And am I really the only one here who h8 the new task manager? Seriously, I installed three different third-party managers, then, having been unsatisfied with all three, hacked the NTFS security settings on the new taskmgr.exe file to rename/replace it with the old one. Also, the new MSConfig doesn't allow users to modify the startup items. Instead, it tells the users to use the (new) task manager, so if you deleted the old taskmgr.exe, you'll need to download something like Starter to change startup items.

And to think, we are forced to do all of this, just to make 8 behave as good as the previous OS. Don't get me wrong. Once you get past these ridiculous barriers, things do start running smoothly. I, myself don't use Windows Mail, as I prefer to use Thunderbird. And, thankfully, Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player both work fine with or without UAC. It's particularly important that IE work without UAC since, without it, downloading another browser becomes an absolutely ridiculous chore (like everything else I just mentioned). Windows Media Player makes for a good replacement for the built-in "Music" app (which uses Metro). I should also mention that regular, non-Metro generally behave just like they would on a previous OS.

Also, I do love 8's speed improvements over 7. Having a complete anti-malware solution right out of the box is nice, too. As a Start Menu replacement, Metro could be worse. Plus, there seems to be more and more ways to replace or compliment it with the old Start Menu.

However, because of all these flaws, I would recommend to my friends/family to wait for Windows 6.3 (which Microsoft will deceitfully call "Windows 9"). Hopefully, Microsoft will learn from there errors. However, I'm betting that by the time they do, desktop computers will be dead, and people will have moved on to mobile platforms, which will probably continue to be dominated by IOS and Android. Too bad.
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MyCE Die Hard
Posted on: 31 Oct 12 10:51
TSJ, I'll argue that last point... you want everyone to move to mobile and do nothing? I'd LOVE to see you type out HALF of your last post on your phone's keypad.

Or even write HALF of a program on one. Go ahead. Try doing ANY compile on a phone or tablet. Uh. Try to download a compiler, period, and any add-on toolkit, too.

The dream of "having everything on mobiles" is more like a nightmare to me. I want something where I - and everyone else - can be as productive as they want to be. The mobile-handhelds allow that too - their users are as productive as they want to be - DEAD ZERO.

I want a tad bit more. That's why I don't support that "everything goes mobile". I can't wait to see all the MS programmers dumped onto Surface and WinPhones, though. That should REALLY help their profit margns!

I think Ralph Bellamy and Don Ameche said it best: "Sell sell sell-!"
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Senior Administrator and Reviewer
Posted on: 31 Oct 12 14:21
I wouldn't say that a tablet is none productive, as it will depend on what it is used for.
They are not going to replace PC's just yet, but there is no reason that a tablet based on the upcoming Haswell CPU couldn't be a powerhouse.

As at least some of you already know, i'm a teacher (PE) and our school had been running very old PC's, so old that apart from a few that had to be replaced were still running a CRT screen. For the last 3 years these PC's (each teacher has one, amounting to some 110 PC's) these PC's have only accessed the main server over an Intranet. They were long past their sell by date, and badly needing replaced.

About 2 months ago we were informed that the replacements would be tablets (except in the computer science department). I was sceptical to say the least. 3 weeks ago the tablets arrived (Google Nexus 7). So suddenly I had a 7 inch screen compared to a 14 inch CRT.

However, after using the tablets and getting used to them, I wouldn't want to go back to the PC. I no longer have to walk back to my office when I want to access some data. I can do it on the spot, and its faster than the old PC at bringing up the pages.

The big saving for the school is not the cost of replacing these aging PC's, the big saving is coming from the amount of energy these old PC's used, when compared to the tablets.

So, tablets do have their place, where they can be productive and very cost effective.

Would I use a tablet at home as the main PC?
No, not yet.
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MyCE Senior Member
Posted on: 02 Nov 12 00:38
It's true that typing on a or smartphone might be a pain. However, many devices have optional external keyboards for such purposes. Make no mistake people, the takeover of tablets and smartphones is probably the whole reason for Windows 8. Microsoft realizes that people are doing less with their PCs, and more with tablets and smart phones.

IDK about compiling, but with the market growing the way it is, processors will become faster. Like Dee said, mobile devices using the new Haswell CPU will be a powerhouse. I predict that before this decade is over, TV stations will be able to record/encode live events in formats as demanding as H.264/AVC in real-time from speciallized tablets. Unless, of course, we give the corporations making these devices "too much" power, in which case inovation will come to a grinding halt.
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MyCE Die Hard
Posted on: 02 Nov 12 12:28
The functionality of a mobile, hand-held computer might be vast and great - heck, the size of today's CPU is only coin-sized, after all. Shrinking a CPU to ?? postage size isn't such a big deal.

However, productivity IS. Sitting on a couch, watching, is NOT productivity. But I can guarantee - couches ain't gettin' smaller.

So why is there a pretense that we'll all move to only handheld devices? That external keyboard - that doesn't consume MORE space? Yes - it does. Where ya gonna put it? "I'll hold it in mid-air - it will float around like a Tom Cruise film." Yeah, right. Write a program using THAT!

We could build a car in our garage, but we couldn't build EVERY part for that car. But we could assemble it. Assembly, as Henry Ford proved, is the easy part. But now we're talking not a garage or a hand-held sized device. We're talking HUGE areas.

So, back to the desk. Whatcha gonna put on the desk? A tiny 3-inch screen and a big keyboard? Yeah. Riiiight. There's gonna be a desire for a monster display. And with age, there will be a NEED for a larger and larger reading area. "Age", by the way, DOES exist and the fantasy that it doesn't or has no impact is just that - a fantasy. Delusional.

The CPU and the case size can shrink, but full-size desks will be needed to accommodate everything else. Why pretend that ONE item in the desktop functionality will change everything?

Not unless WE shrink, too. How many articles are printed about "the shrinking size of world population" versus the "great obesity" articles? In fact, when's the last time I've seen an article about the shrinking physical size or weight of the world's population? Uh. NEVER. Unless it's the heroin-models!

So the pretense that all computing needs will be handled in the palm of our hands is the same reality that aging doesn't exist, that all chairs and desks can be avoided. Yeah. Right. Plop on the couch, roll over and say that.
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MyCE Die Hard
Posted on: 02 Nov 12 13:09
There's also a lesson to be considered in the Hi Fi industry, by the way. In the '40s and '50s as tubes and electronics proliferated after WWII, "hi fi enthusiasts" were commonly building their own home sound systems. Even into the '80s, there was a great retail segment selling amps, pre-amps, speakers, etc, to the so-called audiophile population. Every music-lover loved the idea of being an expert, being an 'audiophile'.

Yet boomboxes and Walkmans swept thru like a range-fire, and there aren't too many 'stereo stores' left.

If there's a lesson to be learned in the desktop computer industry, the play "Death Of A (Stereo) Salesman" might be the book.

I just want my own keyboard. A screen-size of MY choosing. And the ability to have as much memory and data-storage as I want - not what Ballmer or Apple 'deems necessary'.

If anything, Win8 is certainly making a convincing argument to explore Linux and THEIR "app stores" all over again. Say, where can i find the driver for World Domination?
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New Member
Posted on: 04 Nov 12 18:04
Originally Posted by Some Random Guy
Reason #6: Because Windows 8 is probably going to follow the predictable pattern of Windows releases:

Windows ME: sucky
Windows XP: good
Windows Vista: sucky
Windows 7: good
Windows 8: _____
Haha totally correct. Now let's hope Windows 9 is released sooner just like Windows 7 was released when Vista was a flop
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MyCE Resident
Posted on: 22 Nov 12 02:33
Many computer users are only into computers because they are essentially forced by circumstance...

The circumstance that many things cannot be done without them
like School work, even getting homework assignments, OR they like the shallow activities like
facebook or the even shallower and more superficial twitter. (These people are the animal
groomers in the Douglas Adams novels)

These people likely wouldn't have computers if one weren't required
to get through four years of college for their mostly useless degree
(<17% of graduates end up working on anything related to their degree and I suspect
many of those only by stretching the meaning of "related") how many people get degrees
in "18th century English literature" (with no intention of torturing students by getting a
teaching degree to go with it) and how many of those people do you think find useful
employment related to their degree?

They don't REALLY want computers NOW except they've become addicted
to those shallow social media things and watching YouTube Videos.

Oh, don't get me wrong I have a facebook account, but I spend an average of <15min
a week doing anything there, and that only because my Sister-in-law likes to use it
to send family news

THEN there are the rest of us, the class of users that Microsoft didn't
have the common courtesy to ignore but actively pointedly insulted.
Those of us who were using computers since before it became the newest tech toy that
"everyone had to have" will not so easily give up their conventional desktops and laptops,
but because while a smaller lighter tablet has advantages it's DISadvantages will actually
get in our way... we understand the limitations.

And to us they ARE "limitations" if not on actual productivity but on flexibility. However the
universe being perverse by nature it's most likely a combination of both.

And more capability usually means that there are ways that an idiot
can screw it up by messing with things they don't understand...
which is a big part of why microsoft is going the way they are,
even though I've called them twice for a technical issue in the last decade
and one of those calls lasted <5min.

While I'll grant that many don't need the capabilities that they've had
that doesn't mean that NOBODY does.

And therein lies the issue with Windows8

Microsoft PRESUMES that they are selling to a market saturated with "dumb users",
so they "Dumb down" their new operating system and thereby insult, irritate and
enrage those of use who are not "dumb users".

Frankly they could have called Windows8 "Windows for twitter users"
or to be short "Windows Twit"

What it seems to me is that with the built-in limitations of windows8 it
is nothing more than a giant step towards all of us having little more
than "dumb terminals" and having every bit of data, and likely everything, but a
rudimentary imbedded OS on our computers and having everything else on "The cloud".

Tell me with a straight face and a look of real belief in your face that
things aren't being given a strong push in that direction...
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