Former CEO Steve Ballmer says It took too long before Microsoft got into hardware

Posted 31 May 2017 18:44 CEST by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Former Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, has stated that it took too long to get into hardware when he worked at Microsoft. He made the statement in an interview at Code Conference, currently held in California.

“I think I was too slow in cases to recognize the need for new capability, particularly in hardware,” Ballmer said in the interview

“I wish we’d built the capability to be a world-class hardware company, because one of the new expressions of software is essentially the hardware. The company under my leadership should have built that capability earlier than we did,” he added.

In 2014 Ballmer tried to focus on hardware by acquiring the mobile phone division of Nokia, but in 2016 the company was sold again. HMD Global is currently the owner of the rights to sell Nokia phones.

With current CEO, Satya Nadella, Microsoft is slowing moving into the hardware manufacturing business. The company has been fairly successful with its Surface laptops. With its Surface Studio the company also has a high-end desktop in its portfolio. settings

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