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Hitachi announces worlds largest (1.2 TB) 10k RPM HDD

Posted at 29 January 2013 16:21 CEST by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Hitachi today announced its latest Ultrastar hard disk drive, the Ultrastar C10K1200. The platters of this drive spin at 10,000 round per minute (RPM) and it has a capacity of 1.2 TB. According to Hitachi that’s the largest capacity for 10k RPM drives. The 2.5″ drive has a SAS interface with a bandwidth of 6 GB/s and 64 MB of cache to buffer reads and writes.

Hitachi claims an average seek time of 4.6 ms and specificies 2 million hours of mean time between failure (MBTF).  Select models of the Ultrastar C10K1200 offer Bulk Data Encryption for hard drive-level data security. The drives are targeted for enterprise usage e.g. in data-centers and is shipping today for an undisclosed price

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MyCE Resident Commenter
Posted on: 29 Jan 13 18:29
    Well, this is obviously for the performance crowd. Us "media collectors" need 4+ TB and <6000 RPM (for better data integrity and reduced noise).
    MyCE Die Hard
    Posted on: 01 Feb 13 13:36
      I agree. I wish they'd spend their time moving to the 8Tb and 16Tb capacities and stop chopping down all those rain-forest trees so they can make 10,000 rpm drives with low capacities. We use 300-600Gb Velo's and those customers love 'em, but when we move those to SSDs, they'll like those even more, albeit with a bit more User Discipline involved.

      This is now a Western-Digital company, too, so I'm expecting far fewer advancements at a much slower pace - and we're seeing that with HDD prices stuck in a now 2-year-rut. That Thailand Flood musta been something, eh?
      MyCE Resident Commenter
      Posted on: 01 Feb 13 15:09
        Well, as far as external storage I think we're back to normal pricing. I got my WD My Book 4TB on sale for $170 (reg. $200). The WD Passport 2TB, which was $200 last month, is now $150. It seems like it's the smaller drives (< 2TB) that are too expensive. I really wish they would hurry up with the helium-filled HDD. I'm guessing it'll be 5TB.
        Retired Moderator
        Posted on: 01 Feb 13 16:44
          Originally Posted by DukeNukem
          I really wish they would hurry up with the helium-filled HDD.
          Won't that make movie character's voices sound funny?
          Retired Moderator
          Posted on: 01 Feb 13 16:46
            If you really want space, then you'd buy other drives than this one.

            If you really want performance, you could buy SSD drives instead of this one.

            Is there really a market for this drive given the other choices?
            MyCE Die Hard
            Posted on: 01 Feb 13 16:46
              Fry's is selling Hitachi 4Tb for $199, matching their lowest-ever price point (from 4 months ago?) And they've hit it a time or two since then, too, but nothing lower, and only for limited time periods.

              I'm seeing 2Tb Internals sometimes drop into the $89-99 range, but also for a limited time period.

              And the Seagate DM001 3Tb are touching the pre-flood $139 price-point again, sometimes $135. But the time-limits on these reminds me more of children toe-testing water. Dive in, instead.

              Give system builders a chance at volume sales instead of these one-sy's and two-sy's. I know we'd push out a hundred RAID5's with four or five 4Tb drives for customers, but even wholesalers are strangleholds on quantities. They actually want to charge us MORE for QTY>10! No thanks. "How about Qty ZERO instead?" is our reply. We don't make our profits on hardware - THEY do.

              I guess they're very pleased with their profit levels.

              It's almost as if these now-fewer HDD makers are in leaque with download streamers. "We need to push DRM limitations instead of giving consumers a chance to hold greater data for themselves."

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