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ICE releases new anti-piracy video

Posted at 29 April 2011 04:00 CEST by Justin_Massoud

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency launched “Operation In Our Sites” almost one year ago. A concerted effort designed to combat internet piracy and stem the distribution of stolen content, the mission yielded results: dozens of illicit sites have been seized since its inception, though not without some collateral damage and questions regarding the operation’s efficiency and accuracy.

ICE has just unveiled its latest attempt at curbing piracy, and it’s not quite what most expected.

Source: ICE

Featuring a street vendor apparently offering free (“illegally downloaded, but free!”) movies to passersby, he adds a second caveat to make them think twice. “If you take these movies, this nice woman right here loses her job,” he says, pointing to a noticeably out-of-place boom mic operator.

Ironically, the woman should probably be out of work anyway; she’s terrible at her job. You’re supposed to hold the boom mic above the actors, lady!

The unintentionally hilarious production quickly changes from humorous to slightly threatening, however, as the vendor tells a businessman who has no qualms taking some movies – and someone’s livelihood – that he “has no soul” and is “what’s wrong with everything.”

One female browser contemplates his words and decides to just say no, proving that 50% of the time, anti-piracy warnings work every time.

TorrentFreak alleges that despite the video being posted on several seized sites, only one of them actually had anything to do with pirated films. displays the tell-tale seizure notice, though doesn’t feature the video due to an appeal it filed.

What do you think about the video? Let us know in the comment section.

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There are 8 comments

MyCE Resident
Posted on: 29 Apr 11 05:19
    Well, maybe if these overpaid actors would settle for $10 million a film instead of $20 million she could keep her job and we could have the free movies too.
    Dedicated DoMi groupie
    Posted on: 29 Apr 11 06:59
      wow, ICE says I have no soul.
      Maybe if I give them my money they will say I have a soul.
      MyCE Junior Member
      Posted on: 29 Apr 11 07:23
        The comments before mine are just awesome! Seriously, people are freaking out about the occasional "free" movie, but what about the actors that make movies cost so bloody much, in the first place? Charlie Sheen, anyone? $1.5 million an episode for Two and a Half Men, then he demanded more upwards to $3 million an episode?!? For reals people - get real!
        Mr. Belvedere
        MyCE Resident
        Posted on: 29 Apr 11 10:24
          That must have been the ugliest mic operator i have ever seen.

          Anyhow.. the best anti-piracy commercial has already been made. It's right here.
          MyCE Senior Member
          Posted on: 29 Apr 11 18:59
            Originally Posted by jbkingjr
            Charlie Sheen, anyone? $1.5 million an episode for Two and a Half Men, then he demanded more upwards to $3 million an episode?!?

            (Sorry, I had to do it.)
            MyCE Junior Member
            Posted on: 01 May 11 16:19
              LOL, this is ICE right? The ones that kick down doors, deport people and break up families and THEY are worried about the "little guy". Wow.
              MyCE Senior Member
              Posted on: 23 May 11 21:50
                Sheesh... I'm embarrassed for the actors in the video. But, I also have no soul, so...

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