Leaked build reveals blue light filter coming to Windows 10 – to sleep better at night

Posted 27 December 2016 17:38 CEST by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Windows 10 will get a feature that will filter the amount of blue light that is emitted by displays. This should prevent the disruption of sleep patterns of users when using the computer at night, because blue light can trick the brain into thinking it’s still in the daytime.

Several smartphone and display manufacturers already have added features that reduce the amount of blue light. The same will now become a default feature in Windows 10, according to NextPowerUp.

Today the most recent version of Windows 10 was leaked which contains the functionality. It’s expected that this feature will also be in the next Windows 10 Insider build that is expected for 2017. Microsoft has halted official releases of Windows 10 Insider builds as it’s working on its Universal Update Platform.

In today’s leaked version there is a new settings entry called ‘Blue light settings’ that makes it possible to adapt the color temperature through a slider. It also makes it possible to reduce the amount of blue light automatically at a set time or to synchronize this with sunset.

MyCE Resident
Posted on: 27 Dec 16 16:46
Apparently MS hasn't heard of display calibration.
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