LG launches retro CRT TV

Posted 26 January 2010 23:12 CEST by Jared Newman

Hate HD? Missing the old days of cathode ray tube televisions? Still stuck in the 60s? LG plans to scratch your itch.

The LG Serie 1 Retro Classic, out now in Korea, is a 14-inch tube television inspired by the rounded look of yesteryear. It looks to include a remote, but you can also change channels by twisting the dials on the front of the set. There’s a retractable antenna for receiving over-the-air broadcasts, and you can even switch the display between color, sepia and black and white.


I dig the case in which this TV ships. TechnaBob has more pictures, my favorite of which is a shot of the Retro Classic hooked up to a Famicom (the Japanese equivalent of a Nintendo Entertainment System). That’s just too much retro for me to handle.

CRT televisions are getting harder to find. The big companies have all moved exclusively into HDTVs, though you can still order CRT televisions online, from smaller brands such as Haier and Dynex. Panasonic pulled out of the CRT business last year, recognizing that emerging markets such as China and Southeast Asia are more interested in flat-panel LCD and plasma displays.

LG is selling the Serie 1 Retro Classic in Korea in orange and dark brown for roughly $216, for which you could certainly find an HDTV of comparable or larger size. Plans for western markets aren’t clear, but I suspect the television would have to be fitted with a DTV converter if it’s not built-in.

MyCE Resident
Posted on: 27 Jan 10 02:13
Thats cool but you can go to just bout any garage sale or Good Will and get all the old cheap analog color TV's you want.
I used to repair and sell used CRT color TV's as a money making hobby back in the day and still have quite a few parts and maybe a set or two lying around.
It just wasn't worth the effort after everyone started wanting HDTV's and flat panel sets and almost nobody does board level component repairs any more.
Now all those TV's I sold and scrapped might be retro and worth money...
You can't hardly give away a old analog TV now here as they are just about useless, thanks FCC...
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Senior Moderator
Posted on: 27 Jan 10 15:28
When do they plan to market the matching Beta Max player? http://www.thepeoplehistory.com/imag...20Betamax1.jpg
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MyCE Senior Member
Posted on: 27 Jan 10 16:03
FOR ME PERSONLY IT'S A WASTE OF MONEY, like Dartman mentioned garage sale, that's a sort of recycle and love for old style TV's and Radio's!
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MyCE Resident
Posted on: 27 Jan 10 16:18
The set looks cool. It would be good as a prop in an old-style themed restaurant or store, but that's about it. Just a prop, not useful otherwise.
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MyCE Resident
Posted on: 28 Jan 10 00:38
I have a couple of Sony Trinitron 32" XBR's that will give a lot of new TV's the run for the money and they sure display regular cable and satellite channels better. I too had a repair shop and still have a couple of these Sony's that are in perfect working order.
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MyCE Senior Member
Posted on: 28 Jan 10 05:53
Wonder if it has a digital tuner??
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Senior Moderator
Posted on: 28 Jan 10 07:02
Originally Posted by paulw2
Wonder if it has a digital tuner??

Yes it has a updated digital tuner.

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Dalen Quaice
MyCE Resident
Posted on: 22 Jul 10 19:35
Don't laugh, but I just bought a new 27" CRT TV for my mom for her birthday. She doesn't like 16:9 (complains that everyone looks squashed) and watches mostly analog 4:3 cable.

Cute little LG -- too bad it isn't in the states, and only in Korea. I have an old GoldStar 12" BW set made in 1981 that is still going strong!
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MyCE Resident
Posted on: 22 Jul 10 23:00
Surprised you could even find a new 27" CRT set. Last I heard nobody was even making the tubes anymore but that's probably not fully true obviuosly, or wherever you found it has a bunch of leftovers they are selling.
I seriously considered buying a 36" 4:3 HD CRT set as most of my viewing at that point was still non HD normal material but figured I'd like wide better for my movies.
When I don't stretch non wide material I end up with a 27" screen just like I used to have
You still get the very best black levels and color out of a CRT anyways as they've had almost 90 years to perfect them if you count some of the very first prototype CRT sets.
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