Microsoft to announce new Surface Book in April – device already in mass production

Posted 16 March 2017 17:49 CEST by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Microsoft will reportedly announce a new Surface Book at the end of March or in April and the device is currently in mass production, according to the Taiwanese website Digitimes. It’s expected the new Surface Book will have a traditional laptop design and a lower starting price than its predecessors.

Earlier Surface Books were 2 in 1 devices, where the screen could also be used as tablet. The new Surface book should have a clamshell design,  like a traditional laptop. Microsoft reportedly decided to drop the detachable screen to make the Surface Book cheaper which should result in higher sales.

The new Surface Book should feature a 13.5 screen and the case should be made from magnesium-aluminum-alloy, just like previous versions.  Digitimes reports that the device will cost around $1,000.

The lower price and the more traditional design should help Microsoft to sell up to 1.5 million Surface Books this year, about 3x more than the number of Surface Books the company sold in 2016.

The company has recently dropped the price of the Core i5, 128GB SSD model to clear inventory and to make room for the new Surface Book, according to Digitimes.

Microsoft is planning an event on the 10th of April, it’s expected that around this time the Windows 10 Creators Update will be released, it would also be a good event to introduce this new Surface Book. settings

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