Microsoft reveals Modern Keyboard with ‘hidden’ fingerprint sensor

Posted 16 June 2017 18:20 CEST by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Microsoft has revealed a new keyboard called ‘Modern Keyboard’ that features a fingerprint sensor that can be used to login with Windows Hello. The keyboard can work over bluetooth or with a wire.

The ‘Modern Keyboard’ has an aluminium frame that should make the device ‘virtually indestructible’. If the keyboard is used wirelessly, it requires two AAA batteries (rechargeable included) that should last about 2 months. Microsoft promises the bluetooth  of the device has a range of about 15 meters.

The device is pretty flat and measures 42.9 x 11.26 x 1.93cm.

An interesting feature is the fingerprint sensor that is blended into the keyboard so it looks like any other key. Microsoft has chosen to add it next to the right ALT key. Together with Windows Hello it can be used to login to Windows.

The Microsoft Modern Keyboard is listed in the Microsoft Store at $129.99 but it’s not available for sale yet. The buy button states ‘Coming soon’ and it’s unclear when that will be.

Besides the Modern Keyboard, Microsoft also revealed the Modern Mouse. This is a wireless mouse with an ergonomic design and a metal scroll wheel.

“Precisely constructed sound for clicks and scrolling. Quiet enough to not disturb, distinct enough to hear your control,” Microsoft promises.

It’s listed at $49.99 in the Microsoft Store and should also ‘come soon’. settings

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