Microsoft warns for new type of Java malware

Posted 20 April 2017 17:38 CEST by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Microsoft warns for a new type of Java malware that uses new methods to circumvent antivirus software. The malware is distributed through emails with an .rar or zip file attached. Inside these files the actual malcious Java file resides. Most emails are written in Portuguese or English, and appear to contain notifications for billing, payment, pension, or other financial alerts.

The malware has several methods to try to bypass antivirus software, most of them involve obfuscation of the code of the malware.

Microsoft has also discovered a large number of unique samples of the malcious Java files. According to the software giant it has detected 900 different variants of the malware per day.

It’s unclear what the malware actual tries to do once it has infected the system.

Microsoft has announced it has made improvement in its security software such as Windows Defender to better protect computers against this new Java malware. settings

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