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New 4.8-inch model is the world’s smallest full HD LCD screen

Posted at 27 October 2010 01:42 CEST by Randomus

A new high-definition LCD display made by a joint partnership between Casio Computer and Toppan Printing has yielded a new 4.8-inch device. The new LCD is now the smallest full HD display, with other small screens still unable to provide HD support the same way this screen can.

The new technology is a 1920 x 1080 pixel Hyper Amorphous Silicon TFT (HAST) LCD screen that includes a solid 160-degree viewing angle. The screen has a 458ppi pixel density and includes 16.8 million colors, however, additional details remain sketchy about the LCD.

The LCD is manufactured by Ortustech and the technology will be used to manufacture small and mid-sized LCD displays. The popular Apple iPhone has 326ppi with 960 x 640 resolution. The 4.8-inch size may seem a bit too big for a smartphone or a personal media player, but it could be heavily utilized in next-generation smartphones and tablet devices.

Although this new screen from Ortustech offers a promising view of what we can expect around the corner, it’s unlikely we’ll see this screen in consumer products any time soon. Companies are in a race to show off their latest and greatest LCD screen technology, even if it’s years away from wide release.

The cost of the screen will also remain high, so it’s unlikely we’ll see this screen in products anytime in 2011.

LCD technology continues to develop at a fast pace, with Casio recently introducing a 2.2-inch HAST TFT LCD screen yielding 640×480 resolution. Similar to what is expected from this newer model, the smaller, older 2.2″ screen was used by digital cameras and select other consumer electronics.

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MyCE Resident
Posted on: 29 Oct 10 21:58
    Pointless at that size. Still waiting for an EVF on a camera where you can't see the pixels though.
    MyCE Resident
    Posted on: 30 Oct 10 20:14
      I have a new 4.3" PMP out of China with a 800x480 screen and even though the display isn't true HD anything I watch on it looks full HD and technically is as it's playing it in up to full 1080p. I can even read the fine print in credits and you can't see any pixels at all, it just looks great and has very good veiwing angles, black level, and color.
      It even outputs to 720p to my TV through it's HDMI port and the newer better chips in use now can output up to 1280p perfectly.
      I really would like a even better resolution screen with better veiwng angles and the faster chip so maybe I'll have to watch the places that make the little players and see who jumps on board and how much they will be
      My 4.3 unit fits a normal pocket perfectly and is still very watchable though I think 4.8 would still be just small enough to keep in a big pocket and big enough to be easier to watch.
      One company had a 4.8 screen that had LED back-lighting and a LTPS etc. very high quality LCD screen that had at this point the best of everything and now they can't get any more of the Samsung panels they were using, maybe this new one will be the next successor to it.

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