New DirectTV DVR records 5 shows at once, while serving 4 screens

Posted 12 October 2012 19:12 CEST by Jan Willem Aldershoff

DirecTV has announced its latest high-end set-top box with DVR capabilities, the Genie. It has five tuners which can be used to record 5 HD TV shows at the same time and it can simultaneously send a video stream to up to four displays at the same time. Each display doesn’t need an extra set-top box, but does require a small receiver, the Genie Mini. TVs which are RVU enabled can connect directly to the box, unfortunately this technology is currently only supported by three Samsung of TVs.  To store the content the device has a 1 TB HDD aboard.

Also the software of the Genie is improved, which makes it possible to reserve a TV show two weeks upfront. Episodes of series can be watched up to  five weeks back in time and a show can be started from the beginning even if you switched to the channel too late. With the feature ‘Genie recommends’ you can get recommendations based on your viewing behavior. The feature has been disabled by default but when enabled it can even automatically record an entire series of episodes of your favorite show.

The Genie and four Genie mini’s are free for new subscribers, but they are charged an ‘advanced receiver service’ fee which is $10 on auto billing and $20 without. Current subscribers have to pay up to $99 for each Genie and Genie mini and prices depend on the time you’re subscribed to DirectTV and how old your current hardware is.

MyCE Member
Posted on: 12 Oct 12 20:30
So what? Ever heard of the Hopper and Joey from Dish? They've been available for several months, and they do the exact same thing, but can record six programs at the same time. It's funny how some companies get publicity for every not-really-new thing they come out with (Apple and Google for example), and other companies that actually came out with the new device get nothing.
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New Member
Posted on: 09 Nov 12 00:28
Actually the hopper only has 3 tuners. They count it as 6 by some fancy compression. seems that the prime time channels get compressed into 1 stream. And with that you can record up to 4 more programs from that tuner/stream. But in my house nobody really watches those channels so not much use.
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MyCE Resident
Posted on: 10 Nov 12 21:47
Wow, *cough* ... I can do 7 hd recordings with just 2 tuners.
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MyCE Die Hard
Posted on: 11 Nov 12 13:17
Sounds like couches need to be increased too with all that TV watching.

What the Internet really needs to explore is true Downloadability. The ability to download meals, pizzas, etc - all from those commercials that everyone must be so engaged in! THEN the furniture stores can rake in all those extra-large couches and huge chairs with built-in refrigerators. Record 5 channels, order 8 meals from 8 separate commercials! CLICK HERE!

Holy Jabba The Hutt, Batman...
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