New Xbox 720 (Durango) to feature Blu-ray drive

Posted 22 January 2013 18:49 CEST by Jan Willem Aldershoff

The website VGleaks has posted more information about Microsoft’s upcoming next generation console, the successor of the Xbox 360.  The new Xbox, online often referred to as the Xbox 720 but officially referred to as Durango, will likely feature an octa-core x64 CPU that’s running on 1,6 Ghz, 8 GB of RAM and a DirextX 11.1 compatible GPU. Both the CPU and GPU are likely manufactured by AMD. The website has posted the full specifications of the new console including a block diagram of the hardware platform. It’s unclear how VGleaks obtained the information but the specifications match rumors that are floating around the web for the last couple of months.

The new CPU with eight cores is based on the x86 instruction set which means it seems to be based on normal desktop CPUs in contrary to the Xbox 360 is which using a custom PowerPC CPU design of IBM with three cores. Every core in the Durango octa-core setup has a clock speed of 1,6 Ghz and for every four cores there’s 4 MB of level 2 cache. The GPU is described as  ‘DirectX 11 .1class’ with a clock speed of 800 Mhz and probably 768 shader cores. Which design is used for the GPU is unclear but earlier rumors said that it’s likely based on the AMD HD7000 or HD8000 series. With 768 cores we can at least say it’s not an existing AMD GPU. The HD7770 has 640 shader cores and the HD7850 has 1024.

Both the CPU and GPU have access to 8 GB of RAM through the north-bridge with a bandwidth of 68 GBps. For the CPU an extra of 32 MB of super fast embedded SRAM should be available with a bandwidth of 102 GBps.

Every model should get a build-in hard-disk and the games will be sold on 50 GB Blu-ray discs for which the Durango has a 6 speed Blu-ray drive. The console should also support hardware acceleration for display of images, video and cryptography.

When it comes to input  and output the Durango has at least one USB 3.0 port, a Kinect input, Gigabit Ethernet,  HDMI 1.4 and S/PDIF. It’s expected that the new Xbox will be launched this year and its introduction is said to be in the next couple of months. Also Sony should soon introduce a new version of the Playstation.

MyCE Resident
Posted on: 22 Jan 13 18:12
Dead link above. This works:
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MyCE Member
Posted on: 22 Jan 13 21:05
Hopefully it will be designed properly from 1st Gen and not have a secondary use as a noisy space heater
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MyCE Junior Member
Posted on: 22 Jan 13 23:11
Originally Posted by rexroach
Hopefully it will be designed properly from 1st Gen and not have a secondary use as a noisy space heater
Or a great way to eat discs!
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MyCE Resident
Posted on: 23 Jan 13 07:42
So they're going back to the original Xbox concept of basing it on current PC hardware.

First Xbox was rock solid because it was well built and not "physically designed" by them. It was outsourced to competent hardware designers.
360 while having an amazing and true next-gen CPU/GPU and unified architecture design, had an extremely poor physical design and build as we all know. For example the placement and the way the GPUs and CPU's and sockets were designed to sit on the motherboard were so cheap and poor it caused them to "melt" off the socket and cause the infamous RRODs. Failure rates were probably over 90% on 360's built in the first few years. I have never known any 360 early adopter that didn't have their 360 fail at some point.
This all happened because MS decided to cut corners in every way possible and also physically design the boxes themselves. They thought they knew what they were doing. They didn't and it took years of redesigns to make it stable.
Another example, the DVD ROM was made of cheapest possible plastic. They actually removed mechanisms in the drive to make the discs "stable" in the drive, in order to cut cost of the BOM.
360 did have the worlds first directX 10 GPU a year before DX10 cards came to the PC. They had a dev deal with ATI to develop and manufacture the GPUs.
I would like to see the 720 also come with a GPU that is ahead of any PC GPU today. And I really hope they learned from their multi billion dollar mistakes and release a reliable system like first Xbox.
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MyCE Resident
Posted on: 25 Jan 13 06:39
I do agree. My Xbox1 never died. It's a bit dusty and plugged into the bedroom TV but it still works.

As for the 360s. My original one never died on my specifically, but I replaced it with a newer one so I could have an HDMI port. So I have my original one to a friend. He used it for a few years and gave it to the kid of a friend of his. It RROD'd on the kid (but did seem to last longer than most of the other original units).

The new one I had with the HDMI port (Falcon?) lasted a while but it RRoD nearly 3 years ago while playing red dead redemption. The Falcon model originally was supposed to prevent the RRoD but it didn't. I replaced the Falcon with a Jasper model, and it still works. I haven't needed to upgrade to a slim.

I had a friend who had it worse. Once he got an RRoD he tried to get MS to fix it, and got caught in an endless loop of refurb's with RRoD's.

I'll give MS another chance though. Other than the build quality I was quite happy with the 360. I guess what I'm looking for in the next generation is a bluray drive (I ended up buying a ps3 after my 360 just for bluray), graphics, and the ability to play used games.

If one of the new consoles really goes out of its way to prevent used, rented, or borrowed games, I'll easily by the other one. It'd get so expensive if I couldn't swap games with friends or buy used ones from the store.
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Senior Moderator
Posted on: 25 Jan 13 06:55
I had my original Xbox (purchased somewhere around 2002, after my original launch Xbox was hit by lightning) die around 2009 or early 2010. Capacity leaked/failed, making it able to turn on but not boot. Given my lack of ability with solder and such, I just trashed it, sadly.

But got an Xbox 360 the following Christmas, so it's performed well for 2 years and change of original Xbox games (those actually supported through emulation) and Xbox 360 games. It seems happy enough to deal with hot environments, so I can't really complain except for the noisy disc drive. I still don't understand why noise damping was the lowest priority on a system that requires discs to be spun at 12x or 16x for somewhat speedy loading times, but I only have one game that does not support installation to HDD, so it's not a huge problem for me.

Hopefully they take the good qualities of the original Xbox, as well as the moderate power consumption + decent power of the completely revised 360, and applied those concepts as they designed the newest console.
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