Nintendo wins lawsuit against seller of flashcarts, modchips and game copiers

Posted 08 March 2017 16:38 CEST by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Nintendo has won a lawsuit against the Canadian webstore Go Cyber Shopping for selling several accessories to play illegally obtained games. The online store has to pay a fine of 12,76 Canadian dollar ($9.5/€9 million).

Go Cyber Shopping sold flashcarts, modchips and game copiers such as Sky3DS, Gateway 3DS that make it possible to play pirated games, according to Nintendo.

The lawsuit especially targeted the webshop owner, Jeramie King, who also advertised and boasted about his business on social media. King was for a long time a “prolific distributor of large quantities of game copier devices and modchips, and also offered hardware-modification services,” Nintendo writes in a press release.

Although the flashcarts and mod chips can also be used to play alternative legal software, the judge ruled them illegal as the devices are hardly used for legal purposes. Piracy would be the biggest reason for purchasing the devices, according to the judge.

The judge also ruled that King has to publish a letter of apology on his website in which he has to apologize to Nintendo and the developers that create games for the Nintendo 3DS. settings

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