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Norton anti-virus makes Windows 8 50% faster, according to Norton

Posted at 05 September 2012 15:00 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

When deciding about anti-virus software it usually comes two points. The first one is the the impact on the system and the second one the detection rate of the product.  Both are heavily tested by magazines and online publications  which should help in getting the best anti-virus product, but never did we see a vendor claiming that they actually make a system faster, till now. Today Norton issued a press release in which they state  that their latest anti-virus products will boost the performance of Windows 8 with a whopping 50%.

According to Norton this is due to the fact  that their products (Norton 360, Norton Internet Security, and Norton AntiVirus) are faster than Windows Defender, the anti-virus protection build in to Windows 8. Besides the speed increase, they also claim that Windows 8 with Norton products, instead of Windows Defender is 20% more safer. The claims are backed by a report from research company Passmark.

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Mr. Belvedere
MyCE Resident
Posted on: 05 Sep 12 16:48
    From the report:

    Disclosure :

    Symantec Corporation funded the production of this report, selected the test metrics and list of products to include in this report, and supplied some of the test scripts used for the tests.

    Very trustworthy...
    MyCE Die Hard
    Posted on: 05 Sep 12 17:56
      VERY trustworthy, yes, indeed.

      Well, I haven't advocated Symantec since they don't clean up after themselves on Uninstalls (or even version levels), and even their separately-downloaded Clean-Up Tools still leave little Symantec droppings behind. "Watch out! Don't step in that!"

      And besides, my rule of thumb remains 53%-Faster-Or-Bust. I'm shocked they didn't call to ask.

      I am glad to see that Symantec opted for this 50%-Faster marketing jingo as opposed to the others they considered.

      I heard "Tastes Great / Less Filling" was an office-favorite during football's opening weekend.

      Then the bakers' dozen videos shot using the Victoria Secrets' models claiming "We're covered in Symantec or nothing at all." Someone complained it was too PETA-esque. "OK, what if we have them in a thong?" "No no - it's got to be 'or nothing at all'-!" Alas...
      MyCE Senior Member
      Posted on: 05 Sep 12 18:34
        Yeah but does Norton make you have rainbow farts?
        MyCE Member
        Posted on: 05 Sep 12 19:04
          I call bullshit.
          Seeing as the cpu usage of a modern antivirus is minimal how the hell can you get a 50% speed increase it's not possible.

          Maybe Norton uses half the cpu cycles of windows antivirus does but that is not a 50% speed increase.

          Me thinks someone read the press release incorrectly
          MyCE Member
          Posted on: 05 Sep 12 19:10
            looking at the report apart from one silly open file and close it thousands of times pointless script where I assume Norton has a cache especially to speed this script up.
            They are talking about scan times, this just means Norton is more of an hog then its doing the scans so you probably can't do anything else
            MyCE Die Hard
            Posted on: 06 Sep 12 00:17
              Rex, I'm shocked - SHOCKED! - that you might consider a company's well-paid easily-fixed testing scheme might reveal less-than-real-world results! SHOCKED!

              What's next? You're going to have me worried about every li'l thing now?!!

              Don't you realize that if we can't get some sleep occasionally, no telling WHO we might turn into?!!

              Heavens... the next thing I know, someone's going to suggest this report should be called "Symantec can pay to have any report say anything!"
              Senior Administrator and Reviewer
              Posted on: 06 Sep 12 01:03
                I've been using Norton AV on Win8 for a few days.
                I wouldn't know if it makes Win8 50% or not, but it certainly doesn't appear to slow the PC at all.
                It works well, and I'll trial it for the 30 days, that's all I can say.

                Personally, I never judge things on hearsay, and prefer to try things out for myself.
                MyCE Die Hard
                Posted on: 06 Sep 12 13:49
                  If you do uninstall it (or if you keep it and upgrade to a new edition), could you run a REGEDIT Search and look for old SYMANTEC or NORTON references afterwards?
                  Senior Administrator and Reviewer
                  Posted on: 06 Sep 12 21:17
                    Originally Posted by ChristineBCW
                    If you do uninstall it (or if you keep it and upgrade to a new edition), could you run a REGEDIT Search and look for old SYMANTEC or NORTON references afterwards?
                    Of course I can.
                    I'd normally do that with any application that I un-install, as they have a habit of leaving stuff behind.

                    If I do un-install Norton AV, I'll let you know what is left behind.

                    That's saying I keep Win8, as I haven't decided on that one yet, either.
                    MyCE Die Hard
                    Posted on: 06 Sep 12 21:38
                      In the Norton Util 2002 days, they would replace Win Components with superior Norton Util versions ("superior" being a relative term, of course) and then couldn't replace those with the original Win version if NU2002 was uninstalled, or upgraded to NU2005. So there'd be substantial folders left behind and manual-deletes of those files resulted in start-up whines and groans. I hated that - useless files - er, files that would never be used again - left consuming MY hard disk space that I paid for. I asked Peter Norton to pay me for that space, but he acted like he didn't even have an email address. Boy... if only my brick coulda found his front window-!

                      Finally, Symantec started offering downloaded cleanup tools. What? Like those couldn't be included as part of the Uninstall Process?!! Did Symantec believe users received some far-greater enjoyment of doing Uninstalls AND Downloaded Clean-ups?!! Grrr...
                      MyCE Member
                      Posted on: 09 Sep 12 17:51
                        Symantec software is like a tattoo, once you've got one and decide you no longer want it, you'll need some serious work and time to get rid of it all.
                        MyCE Member
                        Posted on: 12 Sep 12 15:40
                          Interesting... My experience with Norton was that it always slowed my computer down. The current AV program I use doesn't slow my computer.

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