Operation Payback gets bold, hits US Copyright Office

Posted 04 November 2010 00:00 CEST by wconeybeer

Anonymous, the vigilante group behind Operation Payback, is becoming increasingly bold as they successfully carry out more DDoS attacks against the websites of anti-piracy agencies and advocates.

For the first time, the group has chosen a US government agency as a direct target of one of their coordinated strikes. The United States Copyright Office’s website, copyright.gov, was rendered inaccessible for at least thirty minutes on Wednesday morning, and was still lagging substantially well into the afternoon.

The group reportedly set their sights on the US Copyright office because it is, “Perpetuating the system that is allowing the exploitative usage of copyright and intellectual property.” This is also the justification Anonymous gave for last month’s attack on the UK Intellectual Property Office.

And they are about to make an even bolder move.

Later this week, Anonymous is planning on leaving their computers for a day to take to the streets in an attempt to make their voices heard. For an event they are calling the Remeber5 Project, members are rallying to form demonstrations in as many locations as possible.

“Our intention is to organize for the next November 5th a series of pacific demonstrations and public actions around the world against censorship and attempts from government entities to control the Internet,” states the introduction on the project’s Wiki home page. Currently, demonstrations are forming in at least ten different countries and eight cities across the US, including Washington DC.

Despite the fact that Operation Payback is now well into its second month of DDoS missions against high profile organizations, the mainstream media is staying oddly quiet about the majority of the activity. I wonder if that might change this Friday after people start showing up and demonstrating in front of capital buildings? And if they don’t get the attention they are seeking, what might the next move be? We’ll be watching and reporting on the latest events.

MyCE Resident
Posted on: 04 Nov 10 02:31
These guys are going to get burned sooner or later
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MyCE Rookie
Posted on: 05 Nov 10 03:53
How can you burn literally thousands of people? This is not a centralized organization. You get 1 and 3 pop up to take the place.
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Mr. Belvedere
MyCE Resident
Posted on: 05 Nov 10 08:49
Originally Posted by penguin_head
How can you burn literally thousands of people?
Lots of governments on this planet have had decades of pretty succesful experiences on how to deal with lots of people who don't do their bidding.

I know what i wrote, but i would really hate to see this tread transform into a Godwin's law, so please don't. Really dont! Please.
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MyCE Member
Posted on: 05 Nov 10 13:33
If I wanted to send a donation for a cause I believe in, would I be considered a "terrorist"? I applaud Anon and their cause, they aren't trying to destroy the government, just trying to get them to face the truth, we the people want cheap entertainment. You will never convince me that a video game is worth 50- 75 bucks. I don't care how many people you had working on it, it is still corporate greed. I wait until they hit the 20 dollar bin, then I'll think about it, and sometimes will wait even longer. You have nothing that I must be extorted to pay an outrageous price for. Wrap you head around this, if I make minimum wage and wanted to take my wife to a movie. I would have to pay roughly 40 bucks for 2 tix at said picture. Well, that 40 bucks is equal to roughly 6 hours of work. Does anyone think there is any game/ movie/ music worth that price? The cost of everything is gone up, but never wages. We are an underpaid society and soon we will be serfs for the elites, again.
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Mary Cahill
MyCE Rookie
Posted on: 05 Nov 10 13:39
Well said!!!
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New Member
Posted on: 06 Nov 10 10:36
[QUOTE=trust2112;2554963] they aren't trying to destroy the government, just trying to get them to face the truth, we the people want cheap entertainment.QUOTE]
The problem is fairness - now all the rights are with the big company, not society.
Copyright & patent law (founding fathers idea) was to give limited protection for limited time - not 100 years. Now that big money can buy elections, how much worse will it get?
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Blown to smitherines
Posted on: 06 Nov 10 13:50
Originally Posted by trust2112
The cost of everything is gone up, but never wages. We are an underpaid society and soon we will be serfs for the elites, again.
Don't assume everyone on this non-US situated board is a US citizen and shares the same problems with a lack off decent level for minimum wage

As to *back on topic* ...
I understand that bandwidth has to be paid for ...and I hope the bandwidth costs are going through the roof for these companies
It's probably too much to hope for that it's not being financed by the public purse

I'd have assumed, given the US economy is circling the drain, copyright would be given less priority than, for example, keeping the US economy afloat ....

I guess it really shows US politics priorities
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MyCE Resident
Posted on: 11 Nov 10 03:43
Debro, it is not as bad here as you read. When I read the world's tabloids (I often do, more often than not, to get a "rounded view") I sometimes wonder where this U.S.A. is they are talking about. Just as when I listen to U.S news outlets that paints the world as basically "out to get U.S.".

As far as circling the drain, that seems to a wish of many a country and people. It is not going to happen. If the U.S. put an import tax 1/3rd that size of what Brazil puts (33.3 on anything not made there), what do you think would happen. The U.S. won't do that. We will just print massive amounts of money, and U.S. products will be cheap. Time for the world to step up and stop counting on America to buy her goods, we have some stuff to sell too. Watch what happens in the next couple of years as the private sector (Space X, Bigelow-Boeing) take over the space ferrying business, you ain't seen nothing yet.

(Now starts the "Warmongering, Bush (the asshole president we had) and all the other usual poop, America is so evil.

Aussies will be seeing much more of us, as we have accepted her invitation.
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