Philips is calling back Hue Fair, Being, and Still ceiling lamps due to quality and safety issues

Posted 27 January 2017 19:53 CEST by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Philips is calling back its smart ceiling lamps models Hue Fair, Hue Being and Hue Still because there are quality and safety issues with the lamps. In some cases parts of the product came loose or broke. 


In an email to Hue customers send by an online retailer, the Dutch electronics giant states to have solved the issue in the manufacturing process and that no other Hue products are affected. The same email also states that the company is replacing affected (see list below) products.

The issue is reported by the Dutch website who also spoke to Philips. According to a spokesman of Philips Lighting it affects 300 customers in the Netherlands, it’s unclear how many customers (if any) are affected globally. The product codes are listed on the websites of many online retailers in Europe which gives us the impression that not only customers in the Netherlands are affected.

Users who own any of the products with the listed product code (found on the silver label on the back) should contact Philips support in their country.

  • 4033931P7 – Fair Hue pendant white 1x39W 24V
  • 4033930P7 – Fair Hue pendant black 1x39W 24V
  • 4034031P7 – Fair Hue ceiling lamp white 1x39W 24V
  • 4034030P7 – Fair Hue ceiling lamp black 1x39W 24V
  • 3261031P7 – Being Hue ceiling lamp white 1x32W 24V
  • 3261030P7 – Being Hue ceiling lamp black 1x32W 24V
  • 3261048P7 – Being Hue ceiling lamp aluminium 1x32W 24V
  • 3261331P7 – Still Hue ceiling lamp white 1x32W 24V
  • 3261348P7 – Still Hue ceiling lamp aluminium 1x32W 24V
  • 3261330P7 – Still Hue ceiling lamp black 1x32W 24V

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