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PS Vita memory card looks like it will be a necessity

Posted at 26 October 2011 18:15 CET by Justin_Massoud

Consumers expecting to walk into a game shop in February, plunk down $249 (plus tax) and walk out with Sony’s whiz-bang new handheld may want to readjust their calculations. New details out of Japan confirm the proprietary PlayStation Vita memory card may not be as optional as originally thought.

Citing Japanese publication Famitsu’s Vita FAQ, video game news blog Andriasang shared some new information gleaned from a recent reader Q&A about the device.

One potential customer asked whether a Vita memory card would be a necessity. The answer was “pretty much.” According to the outlet, there are games that require a memory card and there are games that do not. In fact, games that require the additional space won’t load unless a memory card is inserted.

Sony announced memory card prices for Japan last month but has yet to confirm how they will translate for the North American market. A quick-and-dirty exchange rate analysis shows that the smallest 4GB card could cost $30 while the massive 32GB card handily breaks the $100 mark. Considering the device lets players download and save full retail titles, it could be a must-buy despite the software lock-out.

One thing is certain: the Vita is beginning to look more like an investment than a simple purchase. Sony has confirmed an optional external battery pack is also in the works, though its price tag and release date remain unknown. Without that extra juice, the system will last an average of four hours per charge.

Vita releases on December 17 in Japan, and February 22 in North America, Latin America and Europe.

Do you plan on buying a Vita, or have these peripherals scared you off? Let us know in the comment section.

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There are 3 comments

MyCE Junior Member
Posted on: 26 Oct 11 20:11
    I'm not bothering... Sony just lost a potential customer by having all of these "optional" but really necessary "accessories" to really take advantage of this not cheap piece of hardware. If they want my business, how about being on the consumer's side instead of mainly thinking of your pocket books, huh? I'm not saying give it away, but come on!
    New Member
    Posted on: 27 Oct 11 09:01
      We've know about the PSV not having an internal memory since the day it was announced as the "NGP". Why so surprised?
      Everyone with a PSP got a memory card. Why is it suddenly a big issue now?

      Most games will save within the game card with the exception of some titles (like Uncharted:GA).

      BESIDES, who buys a gaming system with video, music, DLC and app functions and not take advantage of it by not getting a ($20)memory card?

      At $250, the system's pricing is definitely on the customer's side for what it can do.
      Its price was well received by media and gamers alike.
      Let's try to not be so cheap.
      MyCE Member
      Posted on: 28 Oct 11 10:59
        I not sure that it would be legal to sell the PS Vita with the requirement to by extra parts before use in the UK

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